Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

Guam Daily Post, page 8


Klitzkie continues to speak out against seminary

Pacific News Center

Klitzkie Criticizes Archbishop Hon, Questions Sincerity of Actions


  1. I'm listening to Hon's interview with Jesse Lujan. He said that he did not use the word "RESTORE."

    He says that a Decree of Removal is invalid after three months. What?

  2. I am noticing a change in attitude, in general, among my friends and family regarding our representatives of the Church. Whereas before, they would apologize before criticizing men of the cloth, now there is no apology, just undisguised contempt for them, especially with the occupants of the Chancery, TO INCLUDE HON!
    The bad apples have contaminated the whole barrel. The good priests have to struggle now for whatever respect rightfully due them. Gone are the days when the title commanded automatic respect for the titleholder. As an example, Hon is rarely referred to by the title he has. The sooner he leaves Guam, the better!

  3. Jesse Lujan put Hon on the spot! Hon was rattled. He was clueless. Why is an apparently intelligent man agreeing to be interviewed without doing his homework? Mind boggling!
    If he continues to speak to the press Filoni will be forced to (pull those strings) yank Hon back to Rome. Hon is either clueless or just dancing to the music.
    Damage control to the Captain, we need duck tape.

  4. Seeing these warriors brave the rain to stand for their belief commands tremendous respect. Your message is clear, your courage even more compelling. Thank you for your witness. Stay safe and remain healthy.

    God bless,
    Father Efren