Tuesday, August 23, 2016


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Apuron's ideal location for the Institution of the Holy Eucharist

In Part One (if you haven't read it, please do so for greater clarity), we set the stage for explaining the abyss that is the result of NCW theology. It's not easy, and it takes a few minutes. In light of our whole project here of fleshing out why dialogue with the NCW simply isn’t possible unless you accept their view of Church-divorced-from-Tradition, I’m a little surprised that some have told me that I need to quote the Catechism to back up what I say. To what purpose? Most readers know exactly what we are talking about. Bishops by and large don't care anyway. And the NCW types read with Catechism with a lens that makes the Magisterium as a whole incoherent.

Which explains about everything else that makes them so disconnected from the rest of the Church, poor souls. So let's continue on to KIKO'S DEFORMED VISION, PT 2: THE LENS AT WORK

(If you don't "get" the caption, click here  and/or here to see what we've been talking about all along)

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  1. Listening to this guest pedophile rapist lying on the air was so disturbing that I actually showed the bird to my iPad. He had such lame excuses to the callers where he sounded like he forgot that he was once a Catholic archbishop. Pathetic.