Monday, August 8, 2016


Posted by Bruce Williams

Today I as I walked in the HOT sun praying and singing I remembered Fr. Gobbi's book "To the Priest, Our Lady's Beloved Son's ". Our Lady had a benign spiritual influence on the Apostles. Satan has no power over Our Lady as depicted by Her standing on the serpent's head. 

Satan knows the tremendous power of Holy Priests to save souls from eternal damnation. Priest are his primary target in the battle for souls. St. John Vianney of France.was an example of this spiritual battle for souls...our souls. He is the only Pastor to become a Saint, the Patron Saint of Priest. He saved thousands of souls from damnation through CONFESSION.

In the Jungle the topic of renewal and reform was  presented by Glaucon Jr. in an informative and straightforward article. A list of objectives to achieve both the reform and renewal of faith was eloquently presented and discussed. 

After watching the Download on Church Militant TV with my wife I was struck by the simplicity of St. John Vianney's life. He used Confession and the pulpit to snatch thousands of souls from Satan's grasp. His little Church became a pilgrimage for tens of thousands of souls. A railroad was built to accommodate the influx of visitors seeking confession by St. John Vianney.

Renewal starts with a contrite confession of our sins, which opens our souls to sanctifying grace, God's mercy.and the power of the Holy Spirit! 

I offer the example of St. John Vianney to inspire our priests to great holiness. Click on the link below.


  1. ridding this filth from the guam church will take a multifaceted attack. absolutely, one of those facets will have to be a renewed emphasis on confession and penance. people can work on this even while at the same time they also continue to vocally demand change at the diocesan level.

    another facet would be renewed strong devotion to st joseph as a model of fatherhood, husbandhood, and guardianship (do you hear that, priests?). is inarajan parish neocat-controlled? too bad if it were so. being attracted to symbolisms, i'd find it a strong symbol if the parish of st joseph, which is also the burial site of fr duenas, were to become the flashpoint of this renewal.

  2. Thanks for posting about this topic, Bruce. I have been thinking about it for several days. Perhaps the number one thing that needs to happen if any renewal or reform is to take place is the availability of confessors to our clergy who are not known to them.

    There is a very real possibility that familiarity and distrust amongst the clergy is hampering if not outright precluding clergy availing of themselves to this most necessary sacrament, giving Satan increased time and opportunity to work on them who are his first targets anyway.

    A great act of mercy would be for Hon to bring a priest to Guam, unknown to anyone, at least once a month to hear the confessions of the clergy. In fact, this great act of mercy could be extended to the laity who wish to keep their identities confidential while confessing their sins, something quite hard to do for many of us.

    It’s not that the clergy or the laity fear that a confessor will break the confessional seal (though I really do wonder about some priests), but, being human, if the confessee is known to the confessor, compromise may play into the human element.

    1. This is called an extraordinary confessor. The local ordinary is supposed to arrange for this confessor. But, never mind. Poor priests.