Friday, August 5, 2016


Posted by Webster.

Archbishop Hon is wrong. He better check his facts again. He should check with Archbishop Apuron, or Monsignor David, the former Vicar General, or Fr. Adrian, the former Chancellor. They know why Fr. Brouillard is being paid monthly despite being absence from Guam for over 35 years.

Fr. Brouillard is not being paid monthly by the Chancery because he had retired. No priest retires at the age of 59. Maybe 75 but not 59. Something reeks of COVER-UP here.

In 1981, Fr. Brouillard was 59 when he was suddenly and secretly sent off island. Why? He then continued to practice his priestly vocation in Minnesota, which means he was not retired and continued to be gainfully employed, securing a monthly stipend from that diocese in Minnesota. He was one of the priests accused of sexually abusing boys in Minnesota, and, as we now know, in Guam.

Why on earth would the Chancery pay a Guam priest a retirement stipend elsewhere, who is not of retirement age, and allow that priest to continue to be gainfully employed? Unless of course, he was not being paid for retiring, but for agreeing to go away and to never come back to Guam.

And why on earth would they want Fr. Brouillard to go away and to never come back? Because that priest did something bad in Guam, and is being paid to keep his mouth shut.  

Didn't Archbishop Apuron and the Chancery, with the help of Fr. Pius and the Neo Cathecumenate Way, do precisely that with Fr. Luis Camacho after he was caught by the police having sex with a minor during school hours at a isolated beach in Agat? He was whisked off this island within a day after the sex incident and last seen (as posted by this blog) in Qatar being sheltered by a Neo Community, and in charge of a retreat for a YOUTH group!!!

Apuron and the Chancery continues to pay Fr. Brouillard. They continue to pay Fr. Luis Camacho. They continue to pay Fr. John Wadeson. And the Chancery continues to pay the serial sex predator, Archbishop Apuron, who himself is off island at some unknown location. None of these priests are on island. Why?

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