Thursday, August 4, 2016


Posted by Bruce Williams

In his latest interview Hon made some amazing admissions.

“As I said previously, when allegations of this sort happen, we realize it is a very serious matter so we treat them as such, independent of whatever feeling I have,”

Walter you were right, cold. Hon is hoping we forget the "deafening silence" of the first 7 weeks of his Apostolic mission. Especially the infamous "snub" at the steps of the Cathedral.
Loose translation: “As I said previously, when I had been served, I realize it is a very serious matter so I better do some damage control”.

"Independent of whatever feeling I have". Walter hear that, Hon has feelings, whatever!

When PDN asked Hon, early Tuesday, whether he believes Apuron is innocent, Hon said he welcomes the alleged victims to contact him “so that we take seriously the matter into consideration.”

The Rhumba! See that move the famous "side step". Not only does Hon elude the question, he welcomes the "alleged" victims to contact
him! The Agat boys feel better already, Hon has extended an "invitation to joy". 

Personally I'm pissed, Hon makes sure he uses the word "alleged" so the preysbiters don't loose hope for their hero, who is being persecuted. (KAKA)

Let's move on.

“So that we take seriously the matter into consideration.” Consideration? Oh I forgot the language barrier. Loose translation: We don't believe you, but our policy says we must be considerate.

Give me a break.

“I mean to do whatever I need to do for them,” he said. “This is my attitude.” Really? Your attitude is the "reason for the season" and it "stinks". Loose translation: I mean to do what Filoni tells me to do, ignore them. 

Hon also said he welcomes criticism if the intent is to make the church better. Lord have mercy! I'm at a loss for words. (that I can use). 
Wait. How about WTF? (Why Tai Fai) Webster I got a new meaning for a nasty acronym.  

Loose translation: The Jungle makes me look bad, not better.

Okay, I agree I got carried away! But Hon's comments are, well, ah, I mean, stupendous!


  1. Evil was still defeated.

    By apuron's evil reign, he paved the way for the Holy Spirit to give strength to apuron's survivors of rape and molestation to come forward. But the battle is far from being won.

    The Neo knew of apuron and his heinous Sexual acts against children but they forgave him anyways. In the neo cult, apuron has been absolved, therefore, apuron now runs innocent.
    Apuron, do not say that you are innocent because you did not rape and molest children. Say that you are innocent NOW because you did your 5 heretic-neo-tailored prayers and promised them all the riches you can suck out of Guam's faithful. You are a "born again innocent."

    Support Neo = Condone pedophilia and child rape
    Support Apuron = Support the Singing, Serial Molester of an archbishop

    Do the Math...Zoltan, Are you listening?

    No changeee. No Money for HONey!


  2. Webster is happy with the new meaning for the nasty acronym, WTF. How appropriate under the circumstances. I will make sure it is incorporated in our next edition, with a picture of his excellency next to it.

    1. The Junglewatch Nation style manual is not a static document because Webster must update it to incorporate every new Honism as revealed by Hon's utterances.