Sunday, August 14, 2016


Posted by Bruce Williams

The spiritual battle for souls began in the "Garden of Eden". In the Garden of Gethsemane Christ's was shown all the souls in history that would reject his Love and Mercy! So intense was His agony over these lost souls that he shed blood through His sweat glands.

Today the enemy has entered the Church and is deceiving souls with false doctrines and prophet's. The enemy is seducing the clergy and hierarchy with lavish retreats to the Holy Land where they are wined & dined and lulled into complacency and eventually, complicity.

The invasion of the Church on Guam, has been subtle and deceptive.  For twenty years the enemy within the Church has been cowardly preying on unsuspecting or gullible Catholics, who have given away savings & title to their lands in the second scrutiny. And where is this wealth going?

The intensity of the battle to restore our Church and the appointment of AB Hon has awakened souls "walking" in the WAY to seek asylum.   But they are trapped by the "community". They need a life line! They need to break the chains of spiritual slavery.

Kiko Arguello's Kool Aide (KAKA) was designed to ensnare and indoctrinate souls. The community, in reality, becomes their "psychological prison."

Faithful Catholics must be ready to help the "walking wounded" with words of encouragement and the TRUTH.  (more to come)



    One thing is sure: we must accompany them back to the True Faith.

  2. I agree. We need to help these poor unfortunate souls on their return to the true church. We need to help them see they were victims of Apuron and his cult.
    We must help them return to truth.

  3. Quite so. While we reject the nefarious heresies of the NCW Cult, we must be emphatic in our love and support of those who “walk in the Way.”

    Indeed, if I may be so bold as to compare, we must share the same level of compassion toward those enslaved by the NCW Cult that we naturally feel toward the survivors of sexual abuse by priests, teachers, relatives, and other persons in authority.

    As with our individual and Church ministries to these hebephile survivors, our outreach to those under the NCW Cult sway will require the greatest patience, tact, and uncritical acceptance. We must not blame the victims.

    Let us be truly welcoming so those wounded by Church members gone astray may return to the loving embrace of the Body of Christ, as they are prompted by the Holy Sprit.