Sunday, September 18, 2016


Let's take this point by yellow-underlined point:

1. "We care foremost about the victims."
Hon did NOT even mention the victims in his introductory speech to us on June 9. He told us only to pray for Apuron. Later he mocked the victims, comparing their accounts to an account he was familiar with involving a woman who accused a priest of adultery which - according to him - turned out to be false. On the steps of the Cathedral on June 12, Fr. Nowak, Hon's right hand man turned Walter Denton away when Walter told him "I'm one of the victims. I'd like to speak to him." 

2. "those who commit acts of child sex abuse will be held accountable for it." 
As already mentioned, how do you hold a dead priest accountable? And how do you hold a 95 year old priest whose sole source of wealth is a $500 a month pension he receives from this diocese? And here's another thing Hon doesn't get. Apuron has money, but let's say he didn't. How would he be held accountable? He cannot be criminally prosecuted as a result of this legislation. What are you going to do? Remove him from ministry? Meaning, he has a paid vacation the rest of his life. Most priests have little to no personal assets. Which attorney is going to take a client who has no personal means to finance legal proceedings against a defendant who has none either?

3. "unintended consequences...legislators...did not understand." 
In a previous post, I thought Hon meant that WE did not understand. Now I see that the means "the legislators" did not understand. What do you think of that, Senators. Hon thinks you are SO STUPID that you don't even know what you are voting for. If there ever was a way to make the bill VETO-PROOF, this is it! Thank you, Hon. You just pissed off the whole Legislature by calling them stupid. Gotta love it.

4. "We should be outraged..."
LOL. You mean like you, Hon? After weeks of mocking and ignoring the victims who had already come forward? The only thing you're outraged at Hon is the loss of your freaking red hat. And like I already said. SCREW YOU!

5. "some of whom have not resided on Guam in decades."
Two things. There is only one priest that we know of who has not resided on Guam in decades, Brouillard. So you're telling us, Hon, that you know of other priests. Well then show your outrage and make those names public. But the truth is, there is only one. Yet Hon says "some." A liar and a manipulator to the max! And here's the other thing. The only reason Brouillard has not "lived on Guam in decades" is because he was kicked out of here after abusing our children nearly three decades. It doesn't matter that he doesn't live here any more, you fool. You're paying his bills as if he was.

6. "everyone in the community to draft a new bill"
LOL. Note to Rome. This is why you don't want to send us a Hong-Kong-ese to run a U.S. diocese. He doesn't know crap. The whole community already drafted a bill. It's called the legislative process. A bill was introduced. It received TWO public hearings. The whole "community" was invited to submit testimony, suggestions, etc. The bill was amended and reported out of committee for all to see, including you. And it went to the floor to be discussed and voted on. That's how we do things in America, Hon. The only thing was: YOU DID NOTHING...until you found out that you might not get your stinking red hat.

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