Sunday, September 18, 2016


The threat of law suits sure does get their attention. We tried everything else.


  1. I propose that the threat is STILL the only thing that works.
    If the bill/law goes away, so does all action by the Archdiocese.
    The bill will pass, and so will thee difficult times after the Church is cleansed.
    Rome, you have disappointed us deeply by your inaction, but fear not, the laity is firmly in control to fix all that needs to be fixed with the corruption in our local Church.
    For the sake of other Churches, I hope you do better in their hour of need!

  2. How can we be sure the bill will pass? The pressure is on the Governor who will probably veto the bill. Then it goes back to the legislature where we have the votes . There is no guarantee they will bring it up right away and perhaps let it languish until after the general election. Too much at stake here to let that happen. We must fight on.