Friday, September 9, 2016


Posted by Bruce Williams

Hon how does it feel to be knee deep in horse manure! First Apurun calling you a liar, then a Neo surgeon defying your authority on KUAM and now your recently appointed RMS rectum DQ'd a visit approved by Fr. Jeff by locking the gate and leaving a note. Sounds like your leadership is in question. 

We know Rome is watching! Some one's got to break the "reign of terror" that's seized the clergy and the HILL. HON you're decisions are NOT in line with your mission of unity, a charade that will result in a "painful and arduous end" to your mission as Apostolic Administrator.

The picture of the JACKASS fits the recent mountain of HEE HAWING by Eusebio & company. The rhetoric is so absurd, it is NOT amusing. The STAKES are eternal and the Parrots are oblivious to the reality that they are serving Mammon. 

Pius maybe gone, we have no evidence of that, especially after DQ's defiant and cowardly stunt. HON's decisions are, well, a "Kick in the pants". 

See you at the BBQ and on Sunday morning! St. Teresa pray for us!

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