Friday, September 9, 2016


Posted by Bruce Williams

Hon how does it feel to be knee deep in horse manure! First Apurun calling you a liar, then a Neo surgeon defying your authority on KUAM and now your recently appointed RMS rectum DQ'd a visit approved by Fr. Jeff by locking the gate and leaving a note. Sounds like your leadership is in question. 

We know Rome is watching! Some one's got to break the "reign of terror" that's seized the clergy and the HILL. HON you're decisions are NOT in line with your mission of unity, a charade that will result in a "painful and arduous end" to your mission as Apostolic Administrator.

The picture of the JACKASS fits the recent mountain of HEE HAWING by Eusebio & company. The rhetoric is so absurd, it is NOT amusing. The STAKES are eternal and the Parrots are oblivious to the reality that they are serving Mammon. 

Pius maybe gone, we have no evidence of that, especially after DQ's defiant and cowardly stunt. HON's decisions are, well, a "Kick in the pants". 

See you at the BBQ and on Sunday morning! St. Teresa pray for us!


  1. Not surprising of the NCW! A total lack of respect for everyone in it's (NCW's) path including Rome! Just like it's master (Kiko).

  2. To be clear: Diana says: Pius is still the 'lead' Catechist for Guam ....

  3. The Phantom, aka David Cruz Quitugua, liked to barricade himself from the rest of humanity. This was evident in his living arrangement at the Agana Cathedral Basilica and in his innumerable editing of plans for Inarajan's Kumbentun Pale'. He hides from people. He loathes crowds. He hid from the Archdiocese of Agana in the confines of Casa Santa Maria in Rome for 9 long years. What a joke of a priest! And now he has been given a bigger place to seclude himself: the grounds of the former Accion Hotel, bought by the people of Guam and maliciously appropriated by deceptive NCW leadership. It is like Hitler and his SS holing up at the Eagle's Nest after usurping it and other properties that he had no right to. Yes, Bruce, this is all on Hon who knows nothing about effective governance and conflict-resolution, yet he and his chosen sidekicks get no respect from these sneaky neos. They can hold meetings with anyone and everyone all day and all night, but their knee-jerk reactionary deeds always fall short and are steps behind their foes - all the time and with predictable precision at that!

  4. This is better than the Abbott & Costello's comedy. They might have been describing the fiasco at the Chancery: "Who's on first? What's on second?Why's on third?" Does anyone know who's really in charge at the Hill? Certainly not Hon, 'cause he's off-island, right? Perhaps he's in the dug-out (dog-house)! And who'sthe badboy; I know they're all bad boys! So who's calling the shots? Who's the manager? Who's the coach? The owner of the team must be sctaching his head, or perhaps his dagan! And what's the score anyway? What are the fans shouting out from the stands - throw the rascals out?
    Hey, fans, you can always root for the other team - or are you still so proud of your confused team? Seems they need Yogi the Bear to rescue them. Bail out, fans, before you get nothing but mustard with your hotdogs. They have ran out of Pepsi and Coke...only KAKA AID is all they got left.

  5. Maybe....just maybe, the Governor could add these thugs to his list of deportee's?!