Thursday, September 15, 2016


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain,

Diana's neocatechumenal reaction about Mr. De Plata reminds me nazi's attitude and mentality. As all of us know, they defended the superiority of some, the strongest, the fittest, over the weakness and less adapted ones. 

Feeling oneself as being always better than anyone was not a nazi's invention, of course. The belief of being the best just based on non eligible human characteristics was not also introduced by them in human History. 

The greatest sin of nazi's was to desing a whole State as a perfect machine in the service of Death, which requires extreme investment of Evil in many synchronized fields. They inoculated moral anesthesia in millions of common citizens. They cultivated a genuine Culture of Death. Their goal: to establish the kingdom of the super human, the Arian. 

We know they killed children, women, old, disabled, sick...they killed jewish, comunist, homosexual...even catholic people, because they were systematically annihilating every human creature who did not fit in their schemes of excellence. They were god and decided who can live and who do not deserve it. Left or right. 

Kiko has sold his Symphony of the Suffering trying to seem very emphatic with jewish victims of nazi's. Kiko is creating a new kind of faithful people, they feel as the super-Christians, superior over the Sunday Mass' belivers. He blames the "natural religiosity" of many catholics at the same time he applies his peculiar rules of natural selection within Church. The kingdom of the fittest, it is, of the better able to adapt to the new requirements of a new faith for a new evangelization.

Kiko has trained his troops of super-Christians to belive neocatechumenals are the best always and for everything. They are the most opened to life in their marriages, they are the extra-sized families, they have the world record in Cesarean deliveries, they have the highest number of seminaries for priest, they have the greatest knowledge in theology, liturgy, patristics...They are those who sing loudest, who evangelize "citius, altius, fortius" (faster, higher, stronger)...and blahblahblahblah more and more.

As well, they are the best even competing in the worst. Their marriages were the most disaster and destroyed, their sins were the most horrible, they were the most terrible rapers, drugaddicts, violent, killers...the real most garbage of the world. You know, always at least two meters above the other, in the good and in the bad, in health and disease, forever and ever. 

Kiko's neocatechumenal ideology causes extensive damages resulting from the above.

Kiko seems to feel tons of pain with inocent jewish sufferings, but he has no mercy with the weakness of his own catholic brothers and sisters. These are too human. He needs super-human. Being the worst sinner is not a problem for him, since the worst have a main place in his NCW. A different thing is being "a weak". Kiko vomits them.  

Remember I told you in the NCW you can not have an asmathic son because it means you are a neurotic mother. You can not be a loving parent because your son will be a homosexual. You can not have a health insurance because you prevent God's providence. And again more blahblahblah with the new neocatechumenal Levitical with thousand of invented rules. 

In Spanish we use to say "quien hace la ley, hace la trampa", which means "the one who makes the law also makes the trap" (of course Kiko and his neocatechumenals know how to make the trap, but this is for another post). In theory, he requires the best and the most by his followers.

Sooner or later, being a neocatechumenal, such a super-marvel faithful, affects all spheres of your private and public life. It is quite common to hear that neocatechumenals are "fanatics, extremists and fundamentalists". Yes, they are. Those are consubstantial consequences. If you are told to be such an elite among catholics and trained to be superior, you will be an elitist. You won't be a sister of mercy with others. 

If you are trained to think you are a shit, then everybody will be the same: a simple shit (sorry). If your most loved teacher in faith, your catechist, treats you as such, the greatest shit you will be and you will want to be. They confuse humilty with iniquity. They allow themselves being merciless because for them it shows better how not to be dependant on affections. They interpret affection with adulation and with Devil. 

They forget in that way they also show how they feel the love of God. Kiko always says he rejects the wrong idea of God with a bat to punish you, sinner. But at the end, he inculcates the same idea but with a little hue: God sends your suffering because you deserve, it is for your conversion.

It means, God is source of evil, a great contradiction and a grave heresy. God sends you a cancer, God sends your son's dead, your violent husband, etc. etc.

Neocatechumenals are not a model of compassion at all. Compassion is such a weakness. If God does not show compassion with them, they will not show compassion with others. It is pure logic. The most important mission they have with you is to announce God loves you in your cancer and what does your cancer mean for you from God. 

If you ask them for help, the only help they will give you is their testimony in the NCW and of course an invitation for the Inicial Catechesis. Oh, I forgot to say they will tell you they are going to pray for you. They pray a lot. They will never say "go to mass", "look for a priest"...Just prayers and assist to neocatechumenal catechesis to join the Way (that is called proselitysm, isn't it?).

In such environment we find Diana's words about Mr. De Plata testimony about sexual abuses. Diana gets her neocatechumenal toolkit and starts a fratricidal scrutiny.

The so loved catechist, while scrutinizes a poor neocatechumenal, goes making slices into your soul to supposedly iluminate you with God's love. 

As in front of the storage room of your life, he wants to remove everything. He will analyze every speck of dust, each spiderweb. He moves by suspicions. It means every little word you say will be used against you. 

And it also means your silence will be consider as clue of guilty. If you talk, bad. If you do not talk, worst. It implies you are lost, yes or yes. It will be a buchery.

That is why Diana shows herself so merciless. She pretends she has been iluminated and Mr. De Plata has not (because he is not a neocatechumenal). She talks about him and about the facts he relates as if she was a catechist and Mr. De Plata was a blind neocatechumen. 

She looks for shadows and silences, she is trying to find why God would have allowed such things (abuses) happened. Maybe he was looking to be the center? Maybe he was looking for his self realization being an altar boy? Maybe he was or wasn't blahblahblah? Maybe he did or did not blahblahblah? (so until infinity and beyond).

Diana has to give the last word. The definitive word. She has to stay above. Diana, super-wannabe-super-Christian has to offer a meaning for all. The thing is not here is a man who has sexually abused children. The thing is Mr. De Plata has to understand his life under neocatechumenal light. 

Here the wrong is not in Apuron's roof but in Mr. De Plata. Apuron surelly had been forgiven by his neocatechumenal community, in case that he had told his brothers and sisters in faith he did those crimes (which I doubt, sincerely). That means Apuron would be free of his guilty, in neocatechumenal terms. He has been forgiven by the assembly.

"Every person who has been hit or abused always cry. Raise a fist against any child or even yell at them and you will see them cowering, crying in tears, or struggle to get away" (Super-Christian Diana)

Diana and neocatechumenals show how human intelligence can be reduced to ashes in the NCW.

Mr. De Plata, the wrong witness. He did not cry.
Why abusers did not choose modelic victims?!?!

Diana, super Diana, do you know about "double victimization" of abused? You should read a few.

I do not know Guam Laws, but I do know any victim should not suffer "double victimization" and you should not be near any victim of any kind of violence. I hope your work is not related with children, in education or taking care of their wellness, moral, mental or physically.

Your comments on Mr. De Plata's testimony should be included at academic programs as an example of double victimization. Please, leave victims living in peace. Do not throw more guilty over their shoulders.

And remember: each time you behave like a nazi of the faith showing off how brilliant is your neocatechumenal analisys of facts and people, you are the best anti-catechesis.

Double victimization of victims causes so much pain. Innecessary pain. You have not right to cause more pain to anybody, but less yet to a person who has been destroyed by any kind of abuses.

You must not scandalize them twice.

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