Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Posted by Frenchie

It has been already over two weeks since the press conference of Andrew Camacho about the Seminary, and the answer by Pius in the local press, which was done by email. The answers, were typical Pius, high on hyperbole, very low on facts. A perfect demonstration of the Maltese two steps.

The stinking monk, the man of the shadows, the head honcho of the NCW on island, and Genarrini's hatchet man, cannot help but to lie. He is in fact a pathological liar,just like Apuron is a serial sexual abuser.

Despite this, the facts remain the same:
  • A skeleton teaching staff
  • Teachers that do not have credentials for what they teach.
  • Visiting professors that are nothing but glorified lecturers on very short assignments.
  • Missing professors
  • A curriculum that is all dressing and no substance.
  • An affiliation that is questionable at best, and most likely lapsed since 2014.

A couple of months ago, I asked Fr Jeff in this forum what was behind the doors?

Obviously we are not supposed to see what is behind these doors, as was demonstrated by Quitagua's refusal of visitors, last week.
Yet we know something is not right, if not the Archbishop would not have asked Pius to resign from his self appointed position of Rector.
Do we know if Pius was asked to relinquish all ties with the seminary, or is he still allowed to teach, and therefore, still be in charge in the shadows?

Earlier this week, Tim did a column on the issue of the missing priests, that are encardinated here.
This is an important issue, yet another issue of Iceberg size proportion is not being addressed.

Of course, this is the issue of the priests already incardinated here and in parishes.

These men, like it or not, are here for the duration. They have been put in charge, without the proper education, and they are well over their heads.
Even with the benefit of the doubt regarding their moral character and dedication to the Diocese, it remains that these individuals are not ready to head a parish.

Some of the laity would love to see them gone.
I hear some of the priests have suggested a temporary moratorium on their capacities, until they go through more instructions in a regular seminary.

Lets not be fooled. This is the 600lbs gorilla in the room, and it does not look like the Chancery is going to address this, beyond a majestic sweeping of the issue under the carpet.

Fr Jeff and Archbishop Hon, need to be clear about what they intend to do.
So yes continue demanding the defrocking of Apuron and the exile of Pius. But make sure you are  awake and well aware of the danger that lurks in the wing.

These individuals that have been hurried through a fake seminary, and the ones still studying are a direct threat to our Church, on Guam. They are the body snatchers of the clergy.
Ignoring this, will nullified whatever gain we might pull out of the struggle we have engaged in for the last three years.

If you want your priests to be chosen that way....then keep silent.

As our friend asked so a propos:

I think we all know the answer. We have been showed the evil in our midst, lets not keep our guard down. Some small progress have been made, and this is encouraging, but the battle is far from over.


  1. Mickey was not supposed to be ordained. How many false starts on your thesis, Mikey? Nice work, Putrid! C'mon tell us, Mikey. How many?

  2. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)September 15, 2016 at 3:00 AM

    With regard to this excerpt from Frenchie’s writing above: “These men, like it or not, are here for the duration. They have been put in charge, without the proper education, and they are well over their heads. Even with the benefit of the doubt regarding their moral character and dedication to the Diocese, it remains that these individuals are not ready to head a parish,” I will share the general practice of priest assignments for the newly ordained priests in the Archdiocese of Seattle where I live. Newly ordained priests do not get immediate assignments as pastors. The logic is obvious. The responsibilities of a pastor is likened to the C.E.O / C.F.O of a small company (a parish). They will need administrative skills in addition to their pastoral duties of celebrating mass, other sacraments, and tending to their parishioners needs as a community. Some parishes have a school, being the “superintendent” of that parish school is also part of the pastor’s responsibility. Those skills have to be developed first before a newly ordained priest receives an assignment as a pastor. In Seattle the newly ordained priests get assigned to a parish as vicars for a 3-year term. Then they get another 3-year term as vicars at another parish. After 6 years of being a vicar, then they can be considered for the position of an assistant pastor or a pastor. By then, they would have 6 years of on-the-job training as administrators. Even with the shortage of priests here in the Archdiocese of Seattle, newly ordained priests don’t get immediately thrown into the challenging assignment of a pastor --- for their own good and for the good of the parish.

    1. Yes Rose, you are right on the money. Actually this is what most Diocese do. Except in our case Apuron and his catechist Pius, ran a scam. That scam is forcing us now to live with the consequences of their deception.

    2. The scam deception of Apuron /Pius will take afew years for Guam to recover. I would estimate a decade to clean up after we remove Apuron close seminary. Some of these priests may freely want to leave and go to their own countries. In justice Archbishop of Agana should assist them to avoid causung further complications injustices. Very sensitive now for both sides. Needs to be handled with wisdom prudence . Threats will no longer work.

    3. if the vatican is the only entity that can deal with its bishops, then it should be on the vatican to deal with its fallout...

      laity should NOT literally be paying for the crime of a bishop...

  3. So you are saying, these priests are like a 5th column?

  4. Jucatan already sabotage the Cathedral.

    1. Get Jucutan out of the Cathedral! Assign him to DOC and the Lockup.

    2. If you are referring to his childish attempts to blame Fr Paul for some of the prayers intentions he was requesting from his flock; you are absolutely right.
      I have been told, that he will leave the Basilica as soon as Hon, has found a more appropriate position for him.
      The challenge being, once again: where do you put such an individual?
      He cannot make a proper homily, he still takes instructions from the putrid.
      Furthermore as anon at 2.44 implies, he apparently only "graduated" because Pius gave him the answers.

      Unfortunately, the fact remains, that he is incardinated here, and like in a marriage, it is for better, or in this case for worse.

    3. Dear anon at 7.32, it is interesting that your approach is very similar to the Chancery. Unfortunately, it would appear, as if the DOC job has already been assigned to another problem presbyter.

      Even if that is the case, it is a stupid move, because you do not want heretical teachings being brought forth by untrained presbyters, under the guise of a Catholic Chaplain.
      This is very dangerous and not well thought of.

  5. Jucutan will unfortunately be one of the problem priests of Guam.

  6. There is no doubt that Apuron and Pius perpetrated a deception on us for nearly two decades, aided and abetted by Quitugua the Tall and Adrian the Fool. Their actions have already cost the faithful of the archdiocese of Agana hundreds of thousands of dollars, and will cost us many more hundreds of thousands of dollars into the future as we will be made to provide for their livelihood, their health care, and their retirement all their days so long as they remain a "priest of the Archdiocese of Agana."

    Thus it is time for the laity to consider a class action law suit against Apuron, Quitugua and Cristobal, personally, Pius personally and his Carmelite order which is ultimately responsible for him, and the Neocatechumenal Responsible Team for the United States (Gennarini's and Poschetti). We can even look at including the RMS board members, such as Ric Eusebio, who were responsible for overseeing the affairs of the RMS corporation.

    The monetary awards from the suit, if won, could fund a variety of things depending on how a competent authority wishes to proceed: 1) real seminary training for those who wish to stay in the priesthood, 2) a severance package for those who wish to leave the priesthood, 3) financial support for those who don't know what they want to do and would be useless to retrain.

    1. I propose that the CCOG demand that Hon sue RMS for the property, freeing up the funds already collected by CCOG for that purpose to proceed with this class action law suit. Permission would need to be procured from the donors and a refund could be given to those who do not wish to proceed with this route. But Frenchie is right. If we do not do something about the malformed RMS products, the cancer will remain in our midst.


    2. CCOG may well have to demand Archbishop Hon sue RMS. These priests are hurting damaging good people.

  7. O' what a web this KAKA Filled NEO Cult Dungbat weaves when it continually pratices to deceive...

    From the Dungbats newest blog....

    Clarifications From NCW Catechists:
    By now, all the NCW communities in Guam should have already met with their catechists. A meeting was held to clarify many things that are going on in our Catholic Church today. The truth regarding the RM Seminary and many other things has been disclosed to us.

    We already know that the RM Seminary is accredited by the Lateran University and that this accreditation has been renewed. We already know that not every professor can simply teach at the seminary. Before teaching there, they must first be approved by the Lateran University in Rome. So, RMS in Guam gets the top teaching professors approved by the Lateran University in Rome. We already know that two other RM Seminaries in other countries have followed Guam's lead in getting themselves affiliated with the Lateran University and accredited by them. We also know that all the documents stated that the INTENT of purchasing the property was to house a Redemptoris Mater Seminary. There are NO documents saying that the intent was to house a Redemptoris Mater Seminary AND use the land for other purposes. The INTENT in all the documents was clearly spelled out and located in the first few paragraphs of the documents. We also know that the benefactor who gave the 2 million dollars did so with the INTENT to establish a seminary. No donor is going to give 2 million dollars without knowing what the 2 million dollars is going to be used for. Also, the Board of Directors have all the documents showing that the RMS property belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana.

    Furthermore, the catechists requests that you continue to do your prayers. Please do what your catechists asks and and recommends.

    Posted by Diana at 8:55 AM

    1. Yes .....the cover up is usually worse that the initial crime

  8. hey Frenchmen. Or Frenchie whatever your name is. The seminary has qualified professors. Rome approved their curriculum. Stop acting like you know everything. Stop acting like you've actually observed a class in the seminary. And last of all , stop acting like you have a doctorate in those fields

    1. Hey Anonymous Coward, or whatever your name is. Show us the document. Show us the list of qualified professors and their qualifications. Shows us Rome's approval of the curriculum. Show us the current valid affiliation with the Lateran. Stop acting like you know shit. You don't.

    2. Lol Anon at 1.06, I guess you read the memo from Diana on what to say.
      We must be making head-ways, in view of your rabid, if not rational intervention.

      First of all, I do not know everything. I understood long ago, that the quest for knowledge is the mission of a lifetime. Ergo, I hope to keep on learning for quite a few more years.

      Second, lets talk about the "qualified professors" as you call them.

      Professor Atienza: PhD in Anthropology. Teaching Philosophy and History.
      A full time professor at the UOG, yet also a full time professor at the Institute. Does he teach Anthropology?
      No!! Philosophy and History, for which he has no training, which is quite evident from his translation of his essay on the History of the Marianas.

      Ferrarese Gianfranco, Doctorate in Sacred Theology
      Teaches Dogmatic.
      Here I will give you that one.

      Gallo Lorenzo, Doctorate in Social Studies.
      Teaches History, Social Studies and Philosophy
      One out of three ain't bad, but hardly qualifies.

      Giusseppe Genarrini
      Licentiate in Church History.
      Teaches full time History of the Church and Patrology
      How can a man who comes on average 10 days a year, with already a heavy agenda, pretend to be called a full time professor?
      He holds a licentiate in History of the Church, but also teaches Patrology.....little bit of an effort here would be needed.

      O'Donoghue Neil Xavier, holds a doctorate (freshly minted) in Liturgy
      Teaches Liturgy and Sacraments.
      Now this is interesting, because the same individual is listed as a full time professor at the RMS in Ireland. He came here as a lecturer several years back, when he was a Doctoral candidate. Hardly qualifies as a full time professor. This is called window dressing.

      Ponce Rodriguez, Pablo
      The former Rector has left the seminary for a while now, forcing Pius to replace him on the cuff, before he was himself removed. NOT here...awol.

      Quitagua David C: Canon law Doctor
      teaches Canon law.
      Now the official Rector. Has been listed as a full time professor for three years, while being at the helm of the Chancery, and the Rector of the Cathedral, plus many other duties. For a man of very poor health, it is quite an achievement.
      Lets not forget he took 10years to finish a two years program.
      In view of his canon position on many situations, I would venture to say, he is hardly teacher material.

      Pius Sammut, licentiate in Theology and certificate in Catechetics from Lumen Vitae.
      Here, it is interesting to note, Lumen Vitae was closed for over a year by Paul VI during that period, for teaching heretical views, and its main Theologian was suspended several years.
      Further Pius is also the very busy lead Catechist for Guam and Oceania, and a platinum traveler. Hardly qualifies as a full time professor.
      Further, when you start reading Pius's writings you can start questioning his abilities to teach anything of substance.
      There is of course the question of his moral character, and his proximity to young men, without supervision.

      Finally the last official full time professor.

      Fr Francis Walsh: Teaches Moral theology.
      While Father Walsh certainly qualifies as a full time professor, who has a doctorate in what he teaches.
      In view of his public writings and other public opinions one can certainly question his ability to teach anything regarding Moral.

      So my dear little friend, if this is what you call qualified professors, I guess we do not have the same standards.

      Thank you so much for visiting our website and giving us the opportunity to demonstrate your ineptitude.

      Have a great weekend
      God Bless

  9. Furthermore, the catechists requests that you continue to do your prayers. Please do what your catechists asks and and recommends. Tim, as the Diana posts on her blog (actually, I do not go/or even know of her blog), "PLEASE DO WHAT YOUR CATECHISTS ASKS AND AND RECOMMENDS". As they say, "Straight from the Horse's Mouth".

    Posted by Diana at 8:55 AM

    1. You know Ramona, this is not very nice for the Horse.