Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Posted by Frenchie

It has been already over two weeks since the press conference of Andrew Camacho about the Seminary, and the answer by Pius in the local press, which was done by email. The answers, were typical Pius, high on hyperbole, very low on facts. A perfect demonstration of the Maltese two steps.

The stinking monk, the man of the shadows, the head honcho of the NCW on island, and Genarrini's hatchet man, cannot help but to lie. He is in fact a pathological liar,just like Apuron is a serial sexual abuser.

Despite this, the facts remain the same:
  • A skeleton teaching staff
  • Teachers that do not have credentials for what they teach.
  • Visiting professors that are nothing but glorified lecturers on very short assignments.
  • Missing professors
  • A curriculum that is all dressing and no substance.
  • An affiliation that is questionable at best, and most likely lapsed since 2014.

A couple of months ago, I asked Fr Jeff in this forum what was behind the doors?

Obviously we are not supposed to see what is behind these doors, as was demonstrated by Quitagua's refusal of visitors, last week.
Yet we know something is not right, if not the Archbishop would not have asked Pius to resign from his self appointed position of Rector.
Do we know if Pius was asked to relinquish all ties with the seminary, or is he still allowed to teach, and therefore, still be in charge in the shadows?

Earlier this week, Tim did a column on the issue of the missing priests, that are encardinated here.
This is an important issue, yet another issue of Iceberg size proportion is not being addressed.

Of course, this is the issue of the priests already incardinated here and in parishes.

These men, like it or not, are here for the duration. They have been put in charge, without the proper education, and they are well over their heads.
Even with the benefit of the doubt regarding their moral character and dedication to the Diocese, it remains that these individuals are not ready to head a parish.

Some of the laity would love to see them gone.
I hear some of the priests have suggested a temporary moratorium on their capacities, until they go through more instructions in a regular seminary.

Lets not be fooled. This is the 600lbs gorilla in the room, and it does not look like the Chancery is going to address this, beyond a majestic sweeping of the issue under the carpet.

Fr Jeff and Archbishop Hon, need to be clear about what they intend to do.
So yes continue demanding the defrocking of Apuron and the exile of Pius. But make sure you are  awake and well aware of the danger that lurks in the wing.

These individuals that have been hurried through a fake seminary, and the ones still studying are a direct threat to our Church, on Guam. They are the body snatchers of the clergy.
Ignoring this, will nullified whatever gain we might pull out of the struggle we have engaged in for the last three years.

If you want your priests to be chosen that way....then keep silent.

As our friend asked so a propos:

I think we all know the answer. We have been showed the evil in our midst, lets not keep our guard down. Some small progress have been made, and this is encouraging, but the battle is far from over.

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