Wednesday, October 12, 2016


JTT’s (Jacqueline Taitano Terlaje) “Final Report” dated Oct 9, 2016, rejects Archbishop Hon’s authority to demand the resignation of the members of the Cemetery Board appointed by Apuron in July 2014. She states:
“…Archbishop Apuron remains the Archbishop of Agana, and thus, any authority to terminate Board members rests in his discretion, and not that of the Delegate, (or) of the Apostolic Administrator, who was given authority over the Archdiocese of Agana." 
JTT is wrong. Too bad she doesn’t have me to help her. I could keep her from looking so stupid. Oh well. She didn’t ask! LOL :)

ARTICLE "SEVENTH" of the Articles of Incorporation for the Corporation Sole states that in the event of “the absence or disability of the Archbishop of Agana”…the Corporation is to be administered by “the Vicar General”…”the Chancellor”…or by some other administrator or prelate upon whom such duties devolve by virtue of Canon Law or other appropriate statutes of the Holy Roman Catholic Church…”  (Complete document here.)

Obviously, in the present case, “the Corporation is… "some other administrator…upon whom such duties devolve by virtue of Canon Law…” That “other administrator" is the “prelate” appointed personally by Pope Francis, Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai.

Mind you, we are not speaking of just ecclesial authority here. Article Seven is part of the legal document used to form the Corporation Sole according to the laws of Guam, which, per § 10102 GCA defaults to the internal “rules, regulations, or discipline of (the) denomination, society, or church…
§ 10102. Religious Corporations. Corporation sole. For the administration of the temporalities of any religious denomination, society, or church, and the management of the estates and properties thereof, it shall be lawful for the bishop, chief priest, or presiding elder of any such religious denomination, society, or church to become a corporation sole unless inconsistent with the rules, regulations, or discipline of his religious denomination, society, or church or forbidden by competent authority thereof.
Per the Corporation Sole’s own Articles of Incorporation, Archbishop Hon has complete CIVIL authority to administer the Corporation Sole (aka Archdiocese of Agana), and that means FIRING JACKIE’S ASS. LOL. Courage :)

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