Saturday, October 1, 2016


Let's take a closer look at the "trained lawyer's" resolution.

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The Resolution begins: "The undersigned, being all of the Board of Directors." However, we see that only one member of the board "undersigned": JAQUELINE TAITANO TERLAJE, Secretary. Jackie, is there a Page 2? Where are the signatures of "all of the Board of Directors?" 


Hmmmm. So, the vote was unanimous. That means that Dennis Santo Tomas, Roland San Agustin, Jaqueline Taitano Terlaje, Wayne Santos, and Lilian Perez-Posadas, all voted in favor of reporting Msgr. James Benavente to the GUAM POLICE DEPARTMENT AND THE OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL, AND TO PUBLICLY RELEASE THIS INFORMATION. 

Jackie, are you lying? 

If the Board actually met, it needed at minimum, a 24 hour notice. Yet, it appears that this resolution was adopted within hours, if not minutes, of the press conference at which the charges against Msgr. James were cleared. 

And while it is possible to take action without a meeting, the written consent of the proposed action of each board member is required. 

Are you sure you want to go there, Jackie? Did you lie? Did you act alone? 

Jackie, the written consent of each member must be filed with minutes of the proceedings of the Board. The Member, which is currently Archbishop Hon, has the authority to review those Minutes. The Minutes better show the UNANIMOUS consent of each member, Jackie, or else....well, you know what happens to lawyers who do bad stuff, don't you. 

On another note, does anyone know if the Vice-Chair of the Board, Roland San Agustin, is of the San Agustin family which owns San Agustin's Funeral Home?

If so, does anyone find it "interesting" that the owner of a funeral home is also the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for Catholic Cemeteries? Perhaps Archbishop Hon should direct an investigation into whether or not the San Agustin's Funeral Home has benefitted in any way due to a possible family member's presence on the Cemeteries board. 

But let's follow up on Jackie first. Let's see if this decision was really UNANIMOUS or if Jackie is lying to the Guam Police Department, to the Attorney General, to the Media, and to us. That's some pretty serious crap, Jackie. I hope you're ready.

Oh, and P.S. I know about the Manila lawyer.

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