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Continued from Part 4

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Let's take care of items 2 and 3 first since they are easy.

2. Tricky Dick says: "The majority of the priests formed in the RMS are serving in the parishes of the Archdiocese."

He says this to prove that RMS is a "diocesan" seminary. This does not prove anything. Capuchins also serve in the parishes of the Archdiocese and their formation is Capuchin, NOT "diocesan."

And of course, we are well aware of just HOW some of the RMS products serve: from Edivaldo mocking the Mass while trying to say it, to Harold telling the congregation "we're can go" (instead of "the Mass is ended," etc.) because he didn't know the formula, to Alberto's "no funerals on Saturday" because Saturday in the neo Sabbath, to Fabio's plan to actually tear the parish church down, we have before us a variety of uneducated misfits and anything but truly diocesan priests. (We are aware of a few who were half way decent. Jason Granado was one of them, which is why he was gotten rid of.)

The bottom line is that the formation at RMS is NOT diocesan, but, per its own founding documents, a formation which specifically follows "the life and itinerary of the Neocatechumenal Way."  

Full document here

3. Tricky Dick says: "...the priests formed at the seminary are incardinated in the Archdiocese of Agana, thus confirming the diocesan nature of the seminary.

Again, I will refer you to the points just made for item 2. Their formation is specifically neocatechumenal, just as the Committee report said and the Articles say, as well as our experience of their ministry says. 

However, there is more to this

This in fact is the door for Kiko's Trojan horse. Kiko and Carmen fought hard to not let the NCW be characterized as a lay movement. Had it been so, the NCW would have fallen under the purview of a central Vatican authority such as the Pontifical Council for the Laity. By forcing it to be recognized by Rome as only an "itinerary of Catholic formation," subject directly to and only to the diocesan bishop, Kiko multiplied his power times the number of bishops in the world. Individual bishops would be far easier to manipulate than a central Vatican dicastery. 

And there's another thing. By casting both his NCW and his seminaries as "diocesan", Kiko could suck off the resources of individual dioceses. This is why Tricky Dick is fighting so hard for the "diocesan" label. Had the NCW been simply an "ecclesial community" and its priests their own Order, they would, like other communities and Orders, be forced to raise their own funds.

It was brilliant. After 40 plus years of "the Spirit of Vatican II," most of the world's bishops had grown fat and lazy. They were quite willing to let something like the NCW come in and do what they were supposed to be doing but weren't. 

With the added bonus of a seminary bulging with candidates, even if most of them were sucked out of third world countries or first world misfits, a bishop could look like he was...well, a bishop! Voila! In short, Kiko sold these bishops a turn-key franchise and they bought. The franchise made them look like they were actually doing something when all the while they were golfing or planning their next dinner party. The only price was bilking the long-suffering faithful for even more money to feed the franchise. 

And now to Item 1. After giving us the standard hoopla about how many popes, bishops, etc. love the NCW, 

1. Tricky Dick says: "To form presbyters of the “New Evangelization” is not a characteristic of the Neocatechumenal Way, as is made clear by the St. Pope John Paul II’s Ad Limina message to CEPAC (Dec. 5, 1999)."

This is seriously funny. The problem for Tricky Dick is...well, me. I actually look things up. Tricky Dick, like a trained parrot, just repeats what he's told. The Kiko's love to throw "the pope said this, the pope said that" around. And the reference to "St. Pope John Paul II’s Ad Limina message to CEPAC (Dec. 5, 1999)" is another attempt by Tricky Dick and his kiko-brains to shut down mere peasants like ourselves. 

The problem is that, unlike Apuron, the popes publish their schedules and the agendas. JP2's official schedule for his entire pontificate can be found here. And for December 5, 1999, we see that there was NO meeting with the bishops of CEPAC (Episcopal Conference of the Pacific):

Ad limina visits are important obligatory visits by the bishops of a particular territorial jurisdiction (usually a national conference) and are assiduously recorded in the official publication of the pope's schedule as is this ad limina visit by the bishops of Laos and Cambodia, occurring in February of 1999:

If there was a similar visit from CEPAC on December 5, 1999, as Tricky Dick tells us, it would have shown up on the same schedule. It did not. And it did not because it was not.

LOL, Tricky Dick. LOL. 


  1. That Tricky Dick is a liar and an adulterer. Now he is acting like an archbishop.

    1. And he is proud to catechize the fact that he is an adulterer, like a badge of honor. Neos are taught by Pius and company to be proud of their sins. SMH.

    2. It is so sad to be an Adulterer and wear it like a "Badge of Honor" in Public and be Proud of It! I do not know this Tricky Dick since I am not on Guam but after reading all the comments, he is not a very nice or smart guy. I feel so embarrassed for his wife and family but I guess if he confessed his sins in front of his NEO community and they absolved him of all his sins, he is good to go and try to justify the existence of the NCW. Is this what the family structure on Guam gotten to! He has really over-dosed in that KaKa Juice among other restricted drugs that he can prescribe for himself.

    3. The bigger the sin all the better. Both Eusebio spouses tell the sordid parts of their life in and out of community. (so to speak) sort of sad. They have done good but they are confused people.

  2. Mr. Rohr...
    I have put a together a few words, it is my attempt to justify the "tricky dick" reference to; "the St. Pope John Paul II’s Ad Limina message to CEPAC (Dec. 5, 1999).", and the fact that my name on this comment proves I am truthful, in that I put these words together …

    Tim, I know you are fully versed regarding the inner workings and the constant backstabbing that is the Vatican, so I implore you to please tell us the whole truth and not just nor only the ncw truth...
    I know you are well aware that the Pope is not the type of individual that neither brags about nor publishes his very SECRET meeting schedules…

    These meetings are so secret, Francis himself doesn’t even know when or who schedules them, I had just read that there were a few times he had to be reminded of the meetings because that’s the nature of Vatican secrets...
    And if ncw truths be told, there are even times when the meetings had concluded before he was even made aware he had attended…

    I believe, that there is only one person who would know who attends these meetings… and for now I’ll just refer to that person, be it a he or a she, as the very secret admirer of Jorge Mario Bergoglio…

    1. Actually, this is a task for Frenchie. He knows far more about the inner workings of the Vatican than I.

  3. Twisting the night away!

  4. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)October 23, 2016 at 9:49 AM

    Thank you, Tim. Another excellent analysis. We know that Tricky Dick and others who have gone before the media on behalf of the NCW, including Abp. Apurun, are parroting statements ghost written for them by, it seems to me, the same person or persons. The format of the writing; the words and phrases chosen (--- too much in the formal style of English which indicates that English as a second language was formally acquired or that it is a person from a generation or two from the current where that style of writing is usually in the proper); the style in which they put forth their points (hazy, sprinkled with generalities, mostly with no back-up evidence) add up to as if they are writing to as, you say, "mere peasants." The NCW are usually a couple of steps behind the Jungle and they haven't even gotten the clue at this point that they need to be more substantive with their prepared statements because the peasants are scrutinizing their words. My point it that, perhaps in NCW communities in other parts of the world this tactic will fly. But not on Guam. They have to come up with a different playbook because they are simply not believable. Early in my carrier my boss passed on a piece of advice and it's a lesson that I carry with me always. He said not to put forth any doubtful quality of work because once that quality of work is caught, each and every work you produce will be scrutinized for some time to come or for always. The NCW is in that jam and they aren't getting it. Perhaps they have no talent in their collection of people to get them out of their usual playbook. Par for the course!

  5. Maryann you are allowed to have sex with another man and publicly confess in your community. It's will be alright with tricky Dick because he did it screwed with these ladies, confessed to your community and everything is honky dory. And look he is acting like a Bishop. Maybe you can also climb the ladder in your neo sect.

  6. Google "WYD 2016" to see the video posted by Maria Isabella Eusebio. Ric appears in a robe. Is he a deacon or did he get ordained somewhere?

  7. He appointed himself the bishop of Guam. All non neos respect him and kiss his adulterous hand and all neos kiss his ass.

  8. I was troubled by the persistent insistence that the rms is “diocesan in nature”, echoed by followers the ncw, but more so by “tricky dick” in his vehement assertion that it is and always was, and he offered this statement as a modicum of proof…
    "The majority of the priests formed in the RMS are serving in the parishes of the Archdiocese."

    So, I set sail to find out why he was very adamant , it took but a minute, and here’s how/why “tricky dick” was easily fooled, for my ease and peace of mind, I broke down his seventeen word sentence into small phrases, it makes for easy understanding…

    **The majority of the priest, that’s like saying most of the priests, but still a far lesser amount than, say “ALL OF THE PRIEST”… how does part confirm a “diocesan nature”… IT DOES NOT… and so ungrateful, these ncw followers, they got to say “the majority of the priest” and not “a couple of the priest, a few of the priest, or a handful of the priest… and better than; the majority of the asinine ingrates…

    **formed in the RMS, a healthy LOL, but had to shake my head, of course “formed in the rms”, silly dick, rms is the name of certain seminaries that operate under the auspices of the ncw… is there another seminary on Guam… NO!!!
    “tricky dick” is just perpetuating the apuron, December 1999, rms “diocesan seminary” erection LIES… no confirmation here..what was confirmed are the LIES, fifteen years in the making of a so-called “diocesan seminary”…

    **are serving in the parishes, another LOL, and still shaking my head, really “tricky dick”, rms priest “are serving in the parishes” you mean like in Agat, Barrigada, Chalan Pago, Santa Rita, Yigo, need I say more, should I continue, of course their serving, but serving ONLY in the interest of the ncw… does having kiko art displayed all over, confirm a “diocesan nature”… I think NOT…

    **of the Archdiocese, THIS IS IT!!! for the ncw and all who might visit JungleWatch seeking truth and spiritual nourishment, the word archdiocese, THIS LAST WORD, is how/why “tricky dick” was fooled into echoing the suggestion of a “diocesan in nature”, JUST because the word “diocesan” means relating or pertaining to a diocese, DO NOT MAKE rms a “diocesan seminary” nor does it become “diocesan in nature”…

    **this is ALL Mr. Rohr…
    Sir, had you not paid attention, the sentence would have begun with: ALL of the priest… and end with, the laity blindly and obediently follow…

    And had that been the case, Sunday Service would be a thing of the past…
    and no more Saturday "date nights" forget about your fishing weekend...

    So, thank you Tim for standing alert and being forever on duty...
    otherwise GVB flyers and tourist ads will read...

    "invitation to Joy... come share in the fullness...
    welcome to the Eucharistic feast every Saturday night... 7:30 pm till ...
    Guam “Where the Neocatechumenal Way Begins” or some silly nonsense…..