Tuesday, November 1, 2016


From this comment:
Tim, how would you compare the NCW/Guam and the Synod 16 practices/teachings?
We have permitted the NCW to co-opt the word "evangelization" and specifically "new evangelization." Kiko has used the popes' desire to evangelize a post-Christian world (mostly in the West), as a cover to infiltrate the Church at every level.

Much of Kiko's success was due to his own cleverness and cunning, but it was also due to a lackadaisical hierarchy which fell into the post-Vatican II stupor of relying on "movements" and lay-run programs to do what the bishops themselves were supposed to be doing: leading from the front. 

The Synod 16, an initiative of the Archdiocese of Detroit, appears to be an attempt to address this horrible lack in our Church which has opened the gaping hole for the likes of Kiko Arguello to push his heretical Trojan horse right through our front gate without the slightest alarm from those consecrated to guard it.


I am much more concerned about the comparison between the NCW and a program Bishop Byrne appears to be heavily involved with: Alpha

Alpha is not dangerous like the NCW since it is not person-centric (like Kiko), nor does it have a global hierarchy, and nor does it have its own priests and liturgies. 

In a general sense, my problem with Alpha, is the same problem I had with Renew and the whole host of other programs that church leaders look to for answers to bring people to Jesus, while at the same time dumbing down the actual thing Christ gave us to make him REALLY present: the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - emphasis on HOLY.  I'll get to that more, later.

The second thing, and this is where Alpha mirrors the Neo's, is the "adding on" of Mary almost as if she is an accessory to the faith. 

Sadly, Bishop Byrnes appears to support this approach. In a short talk, attempting to explain "Alpha in a Catholic context," (Why do we have to put anything into a Catholic context?) Bishop Byrnes explains that the reason Catholic participants in "Alpha" have not heard much about Mary yet (he names other things like the saints and the sacraments), is "because "It's Alpha." And "Alpha" is to be followed by "beta, gamma, delta..." In other words, "Alpha" is supposed to be "just Jesus." Mary comes later. 

The presumption is that Mary is a stumbling block to knowing Jesus. This is not only Neo-think, it falls directly into the post-Vatican II trap which saw many churches eliminate statutes of Mary and Marian devotions in the name of ecumenism and finding common ground with protestants. 

That's a problem, and it may explain why, despite innumerable programs like Alpha, the Church continues to hemorrhage souls after nearly half a century of such efforts. 

For the true Christian, Mary doesn't come later! 

Mary comes first. The path to Christ is THROUGH MARY. This is exactly why Christ gave us His Mother: "Woman, behold thy son." 

Knowing that the Church had "lost" Mary is why John Paul II made the words "Totus tuus" the theme of his pontificate, words which he said "express total belonging to Jesus through Mary." Get that? Total belonging to Jesus through Mary: "Ad Iesum per Mariam"


"Ad Iesum per Mariam"


  1. A Huge AMEN Tim!

    No Mary, No Jesus!
    Know Mary, Know Jesus!

  2. It's as if you were tuning into an almost heated discussion I participated in this morning.

    All your points are points that I was asserting. Alpha is not evil. Alpha simply is not Catholic.

  3. All that Mary is, is Christo Centric. How people pit Mary with Her son Jesus can be summed up in a lack of knowledge who Christ is.

  4. sadly and ironically, kiko appropriated the name of "Redemptoris Mater" to his neocat seminaries.

    it's too bad that guam's parishes hardly, if at all, offered adult catechesis and adult (re-)evangelization. which is part of the reason the ncw got a foothold in the first place. how about starting small, with a catechesis based on the rosary? and then moving on to a couple of papal writings like paul vi's "marialis cultus" and the very rich "redemptoris mater" by john paul ii?

    1. The name Redemptoris Mater was part of Kiko's ruse, a way to rub the popes where they liked to be rubbed.

      Ten years ago I started a weekly catechesis, working our way through a series of apologetics and then onto a study of the catechism. This has been interspersed with video and audio presentations. There are lots of resources. What there is not a lot of is individuals willing to just start. Everyone is waiting for "Father." And therein lies the problem.

    2. The neos are anti-Council because they reject the subsidiarity of bishops (while pretending not to).

      They are anti-New Evangelisation and have stolen the label. They care little for outsiders or fringe Catholics like me (except the occasional token one) and concentrate on bending to their own ends those who are already somewhat "pillars of the parish".

  5. Abp. Byrnes, in an interview with KUAM regarding steps to restore the faith, stated "...we can start with Jesus through His blessed Mother"

    I don't think we'll have an issue with someone who was APPOINTED to earn his doctorate in biblical theology in Rome and subsequently taught and assisted in leadership an authentic diocesan seminary. Additionally, he led over 90 priests and oversaw 60 parishes, meaning he has the pastoral experience to take on the challenges in our Archdiocese.

    However, despite the good things we are hearing, be weary as well. The news of him is something to be encouraged over, but never cease in prayer!

    Santa Marian Kamalen, pray for us!

    1. I have no doubt that Byrne has a deeply Marian conviction. I can pick that up in just his tone. However, like many clergy, there is a penchant to embrace these "programs," some of which, like Alpha, are not Catholic, and have to be "put in a Catholic context" as Byrne himself admits in the video.

      However, I may have been too harsh on Byrne. It is very possible that he was asked by his Archbishop to involve himself with the program, or, being humble, simply saw something that had some good to it and embraced it for the good of others.

      I only wish that more clergy realized that they hold the real "program" in their hands at every Mass. The faithful suffer not so much from a lack of a personal relationship with Christ, but from weak "each-other centered" worship that has deteriorated into a mere formality before brunch.


  6. Thankyou Tim for reminding priests that every time they raise the Body of Christ at Holy Mass they hold the answer to our problems in their hands. The answers are found in living the Holy Masss combined with a deep Catholic Spirituality.
    Tim, you mention that horrible Renew Program of the mid 198os. I remember it well. Theology was ghastly it hsiled out of New Jersey if i remember correctly. what we need now is a return to an authenic catholic faith built on Jesus and His Church. A part of me feels confident in Archbishop Michael and his gifts which he will bring to the pacific. He seems a humble man that we all welcome.

  7. What happens if he allow the ncw to continue and bring Alpha here?

    1. He has the right to do so. We hsve the right to object when we perceive abuse.

  8. Timmy! You disrespectful piece of crap! Do you not know what today is!?! Why isn't there any segment celebrating Tony's birthday!? I'm sure there are a lot of people that would want to wish him a happy birthday from whatever hole he's hiding in. You know he's reminiscing with a clip from last year at the at Hayatt, saying to himself "ah, the good old times."

  9. Unless I see something to the contrary, I will give every benefit of the doubt that our newly-appointed archbishop coadjutor Michael Byrnes is the man who will bring healing to our suffering Church - and I offer him my prayers and best wishes for the arduous tasks ahead of him. I have heard/read that Archbishop Byrnes is not a Neo, and that he is one for insistence of faithful adherence to the Liturgy (GIRM) - and that is good! Though I also read of him referring to a "Catholic interpretation" of Alpha (implying that Alpha is not Catholic in itself), I also read/heard that Alpha is not as radical a movement as the NCW, and not heretical like NCW is. I hope and pray that Archbishop Byrnes shepherds us safely "to Jesus through Mary". Santa Marian Kamalin, tayuyute ham todos. (jrsa: 11/1/16).

    1. It was very alarming to hear Archbishop Mike's positive response to the NCW "he heard good things about this group". Let's hope and pray that he remains faithful and true to his calling and insist that this CULT adhere to the Liturgy (GRIM).


    2. Hon had the same mentality when he came to Guam. That attitude has changed drastically in just the few months he's been here. LOL.

      The NCW hasn't done themselves any favors by being disobedient little b's to the Secretary of the Cong. for the Evangelization of Peoples.

    3. What is Hon doing, if anything, about the disobedience of that spoiled brat, adrian no balls, who refuses to be assigned to Umatac? Maybe it's Hon who has "no balls" to discipline adrian?