Monday, November 14, 2016


Posted by Tim

I've been saying for years that the NCW isn't Catholic and yesterday the cowering lap dog, DIANA, let the truth slip. LOL. They're Presbyterian after all. (No offense to the Presbyterians, by the way!)

What the poor, cowering lap dog of course meant to say was the "presbyteral" council. (Click on the link to see what a "presbyteral council" is.)

I get all I need of The Diana from Jungle commenters who send me stuff like the above so I never need to go there. However, maybe I should. I understand she has been accusing me of a conspiracy and other sorts of things that could be seen as criminal.

Well, Diana, I know who you are. And you better pray that I just laugh you off instead of suing your dirty self for publicly accusing me of crimes. Either that or you better be prepared to prove everyone of them. So I'm gonna start taking screen shots of those accusations and storing them in my big fat Diana file. LOL. 

Meanwhile, on to other things. 

I received word a couple days ago that there was a notice posted on the Archbishop's residence at the chancery. The notice advised the inhabitants to vacate the premises and remove all personal property. I didn't know anyone was staying there but apparently (as reported) there is an Italian family staying there, supposedly one of these NCW missionary families that live off everyone else. Apuron left at the end of May and this family has reportedly stayed there since then. That would be 5 months of free rent and utilities. Not bad. 

But beyond this little free rent scam, I was told that the residence is being vacated for the new coadjutor archbishop's use. (By the way, it appears that the moment Bishop Byrnes was appointed coadjutor archbishop to the Archdiocese of Agana, he is now correctly addressed as Archbishop Byrnes.)

Now, this is interesting. A coadjutor archbishop is NOT the archbishop, he's just the coadjutor. However, if the report is correct, he is moving into Apuron's chancery residence and not some other residence until he officially takes over for Apuron at some point in the future. 

That can only mean one thing: the "future" is here. 

However, we SHALL NOT rest until we see the title Archbishop of Agana COMPLETELY removed from Apuron and given to Archbishop Byrnes. 

Meanwhile, on the property.

I apologize for the lack of information on this. I have had to be very careful. I cannot say more right now. But I promise you: SOON. 

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