Monday, November 14, 2016


Posted by Tim

There appears to be some consternation in Rome that Apuron, while removed from his ecclesial authority, still retains temporal authority as the head of a Guam corporation incorporated as Archbishop of Agana, a Corporation Sole, Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron, Incumbent. 

Because of this, it has been reported that the Vatican is reluctant to remove Apuron as Archbishop of Agana so long as he still maintains signature authority over assets controlled by the above named corporation. And it appears ol' Tony Boy has been making the Vatican think this. 

This is not true. 

Article Seven of the Articles of Incorporation for Archbishop of Agana, a Corporation Sole, Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron, Incumbent states that in the event of “the absence or disability of the Archbishop of Agana”…the Corporation is to be administered by “the Vicar General…the Chancellor…or by some other administrator or prelate upon whom such duties devolve by virtue of Canon Law or other appropriate statutes of the Holy Roman Catholic Church…” (Complete document here.)

Per his appointment as coadjutor bishop, and due to "the absence or disability of the Archbishop of Agana," that "other administrator or prelate" is now-Archbishop Michael Jude Byrnes. 

This means that GUAM LAW, so long as Apuron has no ecclesial authority to administer the archdiocese, despite retaining the naked title of "archbishop," does NOT recognize Apuron's civil authority as the Corporation Sole and now recognizes ONLY Archbishop Byrnes. 

Archbishop Byrnes has FULL ecclesial and civil authority to administer both the Catholic Church on Guam and the Corporation Sole (aka Archdiocese of Agana). 

This means too, that Archbishop Byrnes is NOW the sole MEMBER/INCORPORATOR of the corporation known as RMS, and legally has the authority to dissolve it, upon which the property will return to the Corporation Sole, Archbishop of Agana. No law suit is necessary. 

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