Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Archbishop Michael Byrnes holds his second news briefing at the Hagatna Cathedral.

  • says this is about "pain"
  • up to us to bring about healing
  • starts in the heart, conversion
  • see past the pain of betrayal
  • see the face of Jesus
  • first order of business: meet with priests
  • victims support group (sister angela)
  • will apuron be facing jail time in the vatican
  • is filoni your superior
  • filoni oversees missionary dioceses
  • will meet with RMS on friday
  • will press be able to follow you on that tour
  • byrnes: that's up to the seminary

Hmmm. That last one is a problem. A reporter asked Byrnes if he had any plans to visit the seminaries. He replied he would be visiting RMS on Friday. The reporter asked if the press would be able to follow him on that tour. Byrnes replied: "I don't know. That would be up to the seminary."

While we can make some concession for the fact that Byrnes just got off the plane, this was a MAJOR FUMBLE (to reference his football analogy). Of course he has just conceded that he has no authority over RMS. Now, this is not true. Of course he does. However, combined with his "report to Filoni" comment from yesterday and the history of Filoni screwing with our diocese, this is really bad. I have hope he'll fix it. 

Also, and I understand why he's doing this, he's making this about "pain and healing." It's not. While certainly some do suffer, it is not some "wounding" by a friend or a falling out of relationship. It is about cleaning out the THIRTY PLUS YEARS of absolute EVIL in our diocese. Do you understand? EVIL, not just some damn "misunderstandings (to quote Msgr. Arroyo). We are NOT hurt! We are ANGRY. Angry that men with Roman collars used and abused us and our children. Byrnes is NOT going to fix this with sermons about pain and healing. Byrnes is going to fix this with TRUTH and JUSTICE. Let's hope he does. 

Note for Archbishop Byrnes: NO MORE PRESS CONFERENCES until you have time to understand what the hell is going on around here. SERIOUS. 

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