Friday, December 16, 2016


I was perhaps a bit premature on the reference to the activities of a California law firm in my previous post. I have been aware of the actions of a "California law firm" representing the Archdiocese of Agana since as far back as when Apuron retained one to threaten John Toves into silence.

I also assumed that Attorney John Terlaje was only acting as an intermediary for the "California law firm." I made this assumption based on the appearance of Terlaje representing the Archdiocese of Agana in a letter from Attorney David Lujan dated 7/14/16 compared to a letter from Attorney Jeff Cook to Lujan dated 8/4/16 wherein Cook identifies himself as representing the Archdiocese in the sex abuse suits (thus causing me to think that Terlaje bowed out). 

However, the FOIA inquiry into the Bill 326-33, as released by Senator Frank Aguon, Jr.'s office and published by KUAM, clearly states that Attorney John Terlaje is Legal Counsel for the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Agana, a Corporation Sole.

And while there may in fact be an off-island firm involved in the current goings-on to undermine Public Law 33-187, there is no evidence of this yet. In fact, the only law firm holding itself out as representing the Defendant ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF AGANA, A Corporation Sole, is Attorney John Terlaje:

...who, in his FOIA to Aguon, says that he is asking in behalf of the Defendant, the ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF AGANA, a corporation sole (and that would be Byrnes):

I highly doubt that Archbishop Byrnes PERSONALLY intends to undermine the law, so I am going to let this sit until he comes back in January and can explain to us what is going on. But for now, I wanted to clarify the facts. Also, I want to extend an invitation as follows:

I do not need any credit or accolades for all that has happened here these last three years. But there is no doubt that Archbishop Byrnes is HERE and Apuron is NOT because of what I began on this blog three years ago. And while accruing the help of many along the way without whom we would not be where we are, it was still me and my family who have very visibly endured the curses, threats, and personal damage aimed at us, and which had we not been willing to suffer, Apuron would still be here and Byrnes would still not know where Guam is. 

And while I do not need or want the credit, I do need and want for this to be over. And thus I am hereby offering my services, my knowledge, my experience, my skill, and all of the energy I have expended to bring about this impossible turn of events, to Archbishop Byrnes. At the risk of sounding like I am making myself important, I believe, having lived the pure hell of this drama from the inside out for more than three years, and having seen more than anyone else, I am the one person who can help him and I am willing to do so. 

And while I have a feeling I will not be asked, I want my intentions to be public and clear. Meanwhile, we march. 

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