Friday, December 16, 2016


Jose M. has left a new comment on your post "HOW HE GOT THE NAME "MONKEY BOY"": 

Let this be a reminder that Edivaldo gave this very same talk initially during a Youth Eucharist Congress at Ipao a few years back. 

I did not know who he was at the time, but when I experienced his outrageous "Ron Popeil" like pitch of equating boys treating girls to oranges being fondled, I was beside myself. 

What was reprehensible was not only his "sucking and squeezing" tirade for the youth, but that he was spewing this filth in front of the monstrance that held the Blessed Sacrament! At a time that we were being called to show reverence to the Real Presence of our Lord, Edivaldo, rather, was painting a profane image for our children to focus on.

To boot, this was also broadcast live on KOLG; an imposition on the ears of the entire island listening audience - mostly our manåmko.

It was scandalous to say the least.  

How was it that he was able to repeat this imagery again at yet another youth event on Guam - World Youth Day? We had a bishop (Apuron) who refused to admonish him, being that Edivaldo is a darling of the NCW and thus protected by Pius. 

Please, Archbishop Byrnes. You say you are going to listen . . . this story is loud and clear. 


  1. The fact that this clown dares to compare teenagers to monkeys tells us about his lack of knowledge as to the dignity of the human person who is created in the image and likeness of the creator. He further projects the acts of animals, and possibly what he himself does onto another human person. Uduvaldo, not everyone acts like you. And for him to tell everyone pridefully that he masturbates and just goes to confession, gives a shallow understanding of what the sacrament of Penance is to teenagers. This guy should be defrocked as his entire character reeks of someone who should not be a spiritual father to young people.

    1. But it was a "scientific study." Geez and we spent tens of thousands of dollars on this guy sending him to Rome for "higher studies."

    2. Since his expertise appears to be monkey sexuality, perhaps he should be working in a zoo, or perhaps animal husbandry research would be a good place for him, but definitely not a priest material.

  2. guy is a complete fool. Total waste of our money will contribute nothing to the church of Guam.