Monday, January 2, 2017


Posted by Bruce Williams

An international Marian organization, along with more than 100 bishops, priests, religious and theologians from over 20 countries, are asking Pope Francis to publicly acknowledge Mary as co-redemptrix with Our Lord.

The 33-member commission offered a summary of the major points of its document:

  • Our Lady's free decision to be Mother of Our Lord was the beginning of Her participation in Our Lord's mission of salvation of the human race;
  • Our Lady's special participation in Our Lord's work of redemption is only possible through His infinite merits, and does not detract from Christ's redemptive work;
  • Mention of  the "woman" in Genesis 3:15 and Her "seed" is a foreshadowing of Our Lady's victory over Satan and sin. The Immaculate Conception is preparation for Her to be perfect human partner with Our Lord;
  • The Presentation reveals Our Lady's continued mission of co-redeemer with Christ, culminating at Golgotha, where She interiorly unites Herself with Our Lord's sufferings on the Cross;
  • The Early Church concept of the "New Eve" is the first sign of the teaching of Our Lady as co-redeemer; Her title as "Redemptrix" to point to her suffering with Our Lord at Calvary (10th century); acknowledgment of Her being "co-crucified" with Our Lord (12th century); the "Co-Redemptrix" title (15th century); the "golden age" of Co-Redemptrix (17th century); the title of "Co-Redemptrix" applied by Pope Pius XI and Pope St. John Paul II (19th and 20th centuries);
  • The prefix "co-" denotes "with" and not "equal." No one can be placed on the level of the Divine, as such would be blasphemy;
  • 2017 is the centenary of Our Lady's apparitions at Fatima, "which in itself constitutes a powerful manifestation of Our Lady's co-redemption in action."


  1. I can't believe this topic is up for discussion again. I love Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth and pray often to her and love her as Our Mother, but I still teach always that she is the Mediatrix. I think the Catholic Church has so many issues and problems right now that to bring this subject up for debate would just cause problems. I know I get a questioning look when I remind people that Mary is not God and can only take our request to God. We always pray to Mary because she is the loving Mother who makes herself visible (hence the many Marian Apparitions) and encourages good behavior and devotion to her Son.
    For whatever reason this is up for discussion again? I don't know

  2. We are co-redeemers and saviors in the sense that we co-operate in the saving work of Christ, and Mary is the "first" among men in that regard. I think the discussion about the title is worth having. However, I recommend that it take place on my other blog which is dedicated to these kinds of things. So I've copied Bruce's post and Sharon's comment to:

    Please direct the discussion there. Thanks.

  3. I have asked that this discussion be moved to the link in the above comment. I do not want it here.