Sunday, January 29, 2017


Concerned Catholics want action for seminary issue

The Concerned Catholics of Guam are asking the Presbyteral Council to put more pressure on the issues surrounding the formation of priests at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yona. The CCOG sent a letter to the Council on Thursday.

CCOG Vice President Andrew Camacho states a minor seminary would better suit Guam and its needs. "The main objective is to urge the Presbyteral Council to take the issues of the seminary to Archbishop Byrnes, and kind of stress the importance. If Guam must have a seminary, it needs to follow certain criteria," Camacho says. "Does Guam need medical doctors? The answer, of course, is absolutely. Can Guam afford to build and maintain its own medical school? Definitely not, even though we have a lot of local people who are in the medical field."

Archbishop Byrnes returned to Guam earlier this week. The CCOG hopes to meet with him soon to discuss their concerns.


  1. Alas, the Presbyteral Council does not have the balls to confront Archbishop Byrnes about his missteps. We wlll see the same thing over and over again until the laity takes the bull by the horns and direcly take action. The clergy, with the usual sickening "yes, archbishop, whatever you say, archbishop," are by and far, useless and ineffective in creating real change and positive environment for the Archdiocese. Mark my word, please, the same controversial personalities will be reinstated to put our church in deeper kaka. Stay vigilant and remain critical of subtle maneuverings.

  2. Agreed 9:29PM. Identify and root out clericalist Catholics who claim to be on your side. They are incapable of critical thinking and will sabotage protestors by kissing the Archbishop's ass. In effect, that will increase support for the Neocats.

  3. First, you need to find out who or what actually owns the property. Most of RMS is bankrolled by unidentified Catholic foundations worldwide and Propaganda Fide in Rome.

    The archdiocese only pays for 3% to 4% of its upkeep. Since the property is "conservatively" valued at $75 million, that means Byrnes has very little control over the Neocat-infested place.