Sunday, January 29, 2017


Judges' recusals detailed
Citing conflict of interest or appearance of bias, all eight trial court judges in the Superior Court of Guam have filed 84 notices of disqualification from cases related to alleged sexual abuse by Catholic priests. 

Among the judges’ reasons for recusals are their relationships with either the alleged victims of clergy sex abuses or the accused priests, including Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron, as well as other defendants, such as the Archdiocese of Agana.  CONTINUED


Zol Székely

Regarding the public hearing on Bill 326-33 on Monday, August 1st, 2016, I have to repeat: this was a very curious legislative act, full of irregularities that Guamanian people had to experience. It was the 3rd day of testimonies in the matter, after 2 days of the same hearing was conducted the week before.

First of all, the Legislature's web-site featured a different bill from what was distributed as a hand-out at the hearing. Let me emphasize, the only available text for Bill 326-33 at the official web-site was Frank Blas Jr.'s original bill. However, the bill had been "amended", actually thrown out and completely rewritten by Bob Klietzkie from the audience during a hearing session the week before. The text of the new bill, "as amended" was not made available, except by an unofficial paper hand-out distributed at the August 1st hearing.

I was greatly surprised when I had to see that the public hearing was not on Frank Blas Jr.'s bill anymore, but on a different "amended" bill written by someone in the audience. It was a barely disguised outsourcing of legislative power by a legislative committee. The legislative power was outsourced to a member of a group of radical bigots who openly admitted they wanted to use the bill for their own purpose.

Tim Rohr ·
LOL. Proves you don't know jack about the legislative process. Happens all the time. You're a university professor? LOL

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