Sunday, January 29, 2017


Judges' recusals detailed
Citing conflict of interest or appearance of bias, all eight trial court judges in the Superior Court of Guam have filed 84 notices of disqualification from cases related to alleged sexual abuse by Catholic priests. 

Among the judges’ reasons for recusals are their relationships with either the alleged victims of clergy sex abuses or the accused priests, including Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron, as well as other defendants, such as the Archdiocese of Agana.  CONTINUED


Zol Székely

Regarding the public hearing on Bill 326-33 on Monday, August 1st, 2016, I have to repeat: this was a very curious legislative act, full of irregularities that Guamanian people had to experience. It was the 3rd day of testimonies in the matter, after 2 days of the same hearing was conducted the week before.

First of all, the Legislature's web-site featured a different bill from what was distributed as a hand-out at the hearing. Let me emphasize, the only available text for Bill 326-33 at the official web-site was Frank Blas Jr.'s original bill. However, the bill had been "amended", actually thrown out and completely rewritten by Bob Klietzkie from the audience during a hearing session the week before. The text of the new bill, "as amended" was not made available, except by an unofficial paper hand-out distributed at the August 1st hearing.

I was greatly surprised when I had to see that the public hearing was not on Frank Blas Jr.'s bill anymore, but on a different "amended" bill written by someone in the audience. It was a barely disguised outsourcing of legislative power by a legislative committee. The legislative power was outsourced to a member of a group of radical bigots who openly admitted they wanted to use the bill for their own purpose.

Tim Rohr ·
LOL. Proves you don't know jack about the legislative process. Happens all the time. You're a university professor? LOL


  1. Zoltan, you are so clueless and full of it!!! Just STOP your
    meaningless rants!

  2. Zoltan is beginning to sound a lot like Diana. Always makes excuses and ranting when things don't go their way or the way of The Way. lol.

  3. Thank you Tim and followers for the division of the Catholic Church. A job well done. Thank you for showing our young generation that it is okay to disobey and hate the church. Thank you for helping me find that the Catholic Church is the wrong church because it is people like you that show us the real meaning of disrespect. All you Catholics can go to hell. I finally found out that you all are just fighting against your religion. I have found Jesus in the Baptist Church.

    Jose S. Benavente from Sinajana

    1. And of course Jesus would tell all us Catholics to "go to hell"! Nice move Baptist guy. Apparently finding Jesus didn't Help much for your disposition.

    2. Is telling Catholics to "go to hell"part of Baptist theology?

    3. Sounds like another NCW cult member masquerading as a Baptist.

    4. Jose, Jose, Jose.....just by reading your comments is enough proof that you haven't found Jesus in the Baptist church. You still harbor the Spirit of Disrespect that you criticize the Catholic Faithful of having. Before you try to remove the thorn in your brothers eye, remove the log from your eye so that you can see what you are doing.

    5. Let’s keep our Baptist brethren out of this division between Catholics and Neocats. Many of us Catholics have Baptist relatives and very close friends, and despite our difference in practices and beliefs, we respect each other’s perspectives. In fact, so many Baptists are former Catholics, and perhaps are lot better persons now as Baptists than they were when they were Catholics.

      Why is that? Well – for one thing – I have never before heard a Baptist telling us Catholics to go to hell. They have respect. While they have decided that they can connect with Jesus better as a Baptist than as a Catholic, they have left our Catholic Church – and now call themselves “Baptists”, not “Catholics”. But with the Neos, we had a Catholic Archbishop who defected, and told us that to be truly Catholic, we should walk in the Way, their way, the Neo cultic way – denouncing many Catholic basic tenets (dogmas) and liturgies – all the while claiming to be Catholics, the “cream of the crop” Catholics at that. They have invaded our Catholic churches, adulterated our Catholic dogmas and liturgies and even insulted our native culture of praying for our deceased in Purgatory as a pagan practice.

      Baptists have their own beliefs and form of worship, and they practice them in their own churches. And the Neos? Well, claiming to be Catholics, they have invaded our Church (dogmas, liturgies, music, architecture, icons, dancing instead of kneeling in adoration, etc.).

      Many Baptists may have been offended by the “go to hell, you Catholics” remark of Mr. Benavente, thinking that he may be uttering “Baptist position”. I apologize for that caustic remark, because I know that this is NOT the Baptist position. I know because no Baptist friend of mine has ever told me to “go to hell”.

      We have learned to live peacefully with our other Christian non-Catholic brethren (while differing in beliefs), but we cannot live with Neos who insist on calling themselves Catholics but outrightly doing what is not Catholic. (jrsa: 1/30/17)

    6. Rudee,
      Truly your MO, to sow the seeds of hate and discontent. May God have mercy on you for all the crap that you, a priest are showing the entire world, that you are a rotten apple in the barrel. Your actions are truly a manifestation of what your heart possesses.

  4. I am, for one, glad you found your happy place Joe. Life should be easy. Take care and don't work too hard dude.

  5. Thank you Tim for pointing that out. That Rudee is one slick character. Disguising himself as a Chamoru that changed his denomination due to the division caused by the cult-like sect known to many as the neocatechumenal way. He still has that log in his eye and should stay out of the Jungle before he trips over something and hurts his good leg which is probably the only good thing left in that sick man.

  6. All of the local Judges will probably recuse themselves for some trumped up reason. Sounds like they've been paid off to totally abandon these abuse cases.

    If that happens, what is the betrayed Plaintiffs' alternative? Federal Courts imported from the mainland US? That certainly means further delays and it could make litigation unaffordable. Result: Justice denied again.