Monday, January 9, 2017


If you would like to leave a memo for Archbishop Byrnes, see tab above labeled MEMOS FOR BISHOP BYRNES. A link has also been placed on the top right side bar. We don't know if he will read them, but he should.


  1. Doubtful, yet hopeful in Santa Rita.January 10, 2017 at 3:37 PM


    So, Abp Byrnes, I really hope you rethink those bold, yet uninformed comments when you finally return to Guam. But a few more things you should ponder. Rather than just listening to the RMS staff and the Neos, you might want to look at the 140 page ad hoc committee report. They have quite a different perspective. And these are priests who have served the Archdiocese for many years, all of them highly respected by Church members.
    It is ridiculous to think that a diocese our size can make economic justification for a full blown seminary. Sorry, but the people of Guam have no interest in forming priests for the rest of the world. Maybe shame on us, but let LA, Detroit, Rome, New York form priests for the rest of the world. We are just too small to take this on at this point. You of all people should know this. Hasn't your AFC told you how bad your financial situation is? Then why seek a more expensive program internally than ship "qualified and local men" to St Patrick's or Mt Angels? It really makes no sense. You don't see the diocese of Houma-Thibodeaux in Louisiana with their own seminary, or an NCW seminary, do you? Their population is similar to ours, 205,000 total people, and 130,000 Catholics. We'd love to help the world cause, but we just can't. And even if we could, we'd have a lot more pride sending real priests to China and Africa and Qatar, and not the products we've exported so far.
    The ad hoc report was pretty clear that full time professors are necessary but not available at RMS Guam. How would you possibly fix this problem with the limited numbers of local vocations, and the limited resources available on Guam?
    I'm sorry Abp Byrnes, but your quick and uneducated comments about the local Church have gotten you off to a very rocky start. Upon your return, I really urge you to consult with Guamanians, and not foreign Kikos who don't look at our issues objectively, and not Filoni who seems to have other goals than fixing our local problems.
    Your great uncle was your inspiration because he brought 300,000 people to the faith in sub-saharan Africa. Let you legacy be bringing 130,000 Catholics out of despair and foreign occupation, not protecting the interests of 500 break-away NCWs.
    Good luck in your choice.

    1. Why in the world your so worried about money? Taken it and bury it to the ground! The seminary detached from the Archdiocese, that say the Seminary do not need your fucken money! KAPEESH CCOG?

    2. And more LOL. It's the archdiocese saying it doesn't have the money. KAPEESH? LOL

    3. Anon @5:17AM, You shitting me right, you ask why we are worried about money, yet its money that makes your NCW cult exist, its all about the money for your profit Kiko, You need to buy his art, music, religious artifacts, you have your convivence at hotels NCW members frequest travels, all that requires moolah. Its all about about the money to us, because we are severing the funding source, the gravy train is coming to a screeching halt, you are not getting a penny from us anymore. pack your bags and get ready to leave. Kapeesh?

    4. Yes, money for Kiko's palace in Israel and for all the RMS resorts around the world for select cult members to enjoy.

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  3. answer stop funding catholic parishes schools instituations.

  4. MEMO--- Please God, stop these Haters in this blog, They hate the priests, they hate Bishops, they hate pope,they LOVE MONEY

  5. 2:08 PM...they are scared that ALL THE donations will stop and be left with nothing.. they know their WELL is running dry...They LOVE our money but HATE the people they get it from..Besides,being HATEFUL is the ONLY thing they know and a true reflection of themselves..