Thursday, January 26, 2017


Dear Archbishop Byrnes,

Witness the real fruit of the Neocatechumenal Way. This is what you are sustaining and in allegiance with. This is what the Neocatechumenal Way produces:

Clap, clap, clap! Haidee Eugenio is clapping her hand to her own doing. He-he... She says a "group of Catholics..." well, a rather minuscula group of mostly manamko retirees who got bored of playing cards and made for themselves just another hobby club, the CCoG! It is Ms. Eugenio and the PDN who is creating a virtual reality out of a few people, as if CCoG would truly exist beyond the pages of their newspaper. 

Without you, dear Haidee, CCoG would not be anything more than cheap pastime for a bunch or bored elderly. But there is, in fact, a great material interest in creating an impression
 of a bigger than real CCoG! It pays off big bucks. As faithful lieutenant, Haidee delivers a false impression with Trump-like fake news, pushing forward day by day, but she somehow always misses to report from the other side. Easy ride, right, Haidee? Lol! The name of Eugenio became synonymous to a new low in "pseudo-objective" journalism. On sale on Guam only and nowhere else on the wide earth! 


  1. The other side or The Far Side?

  2. As usual, an NCW fanatic like the Zoltan attacks the TRUTH with innuendos, statements of detraction, trying to instill doubt in the Faithful Catholics of Guam. Sorry, Zoltan, we know your tactics already. Did Pius Sammut give you permission to comment on the news article? If not, didn't you just violate a policy of the NCW, i.e., always clear everything you do with the head honcho in charge of the NCW communities on Guam?

    Zoltan, the NCW is NOT CATHOLIC, no matter what you; the NCW responsibles; presbyters; or catechists say. CCOG has documents and evidence to prove the NCW is not following its Vatican-approved statutes; not following the directives of the Holy Father on how the Holy Eucharist is to be received; and that its teachings are heretical.

    As Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan has stated about the Neocatechumenal Way, in an interview in March 2016, with Mr. Daniel Fulep of the John Henry Newman Center of Higher Education, Hungary:

    "It is a Trojan horse in the Church. I know them very well because I was an episcopal delegate for them for several years in Kazakhstan in Karaganda. And I assisted their Masses and meetings and I read the writings of Kiko, their founder, so I know them well. When I speak openly without diplomacy, I have to state: The Neocathecumenate is a Protestant-Jewish community inside the Church with a Catholic decoration only. The most dangerous aspect is regarding the Eucharist, because the Eucharist is the heart of the Church. When the heart is in a bad way, the whole body is in a bad way. For the Neocatechumenate, the Eucharist is primarily a fraternal banquet. This is a Protestant, a typically Lutheran attitude. They reject the idea and the teaching of the Eucharist as a true sacrifice. They even hold that the traditional teaching of, and belief in, the Eucharist as a sacrifice is not Christian but pagan. This is completely absurd, this is typically Lutheran, Protestant. During their liturgies of the Eucharist they treat the Most Holy Sacrament in such a banal manner, that it sometimes becomes horrible. They sit while receiving Holy Communion, and then they lose the fragments because they do not take care of them, and after Communion they dance instead of praying and adoring Jesus in silence. This is really worldly and pagan, naturalistic."

    So, Zoltan, who do you believe is "truly Catholic" -- Your Neocatechumenal honchos who are taking you and the other unfortunate NCW followers down a path of belief outside of the Catholic Church; OR CCOG; the Laity Forward Movement; the senior citizens as you call them, who picket every Sunday in front of the Cathedral Basilica so the Vatican can see the suffering of this Church and tremendous harm caused by Archbishop Apuron; Pius Sammut and his NCW cohorts; David C. Quitugua; Adrian Cristobal among others? Do you believe truly that these conspirators who abused their authority and violated the trust of the Catholic Faithful in using the resources of our Church for their own selfish benefit with no regard for the good and health of our local Church? Do you not see the tremendous wrong they did in how they clandestinely conspired to take an asset worth over $40 million from the patrimony of the Church for their own selfish interest with no benefit to the Faithful on Guam (we are glad Archbishop Byrnes immediately reversed that action of Archbishop Apuron who should be tried and defrocked for this egregious violation of Canon Law and which tremendously harmed the Church on Guam)?

    Do you believe that Guam is a "Mission" after being converted to Catholicism since 1668--that's 349 years of Catholicism on Guam? No, the NCW is here for other reasons than to "evangelize" to the locals. As said before, after 20 years on Guam, with only about 800 followers, the NCW's record of "evangelization" is piss-poor, dismal.

    So, Zoltan, do not insult us Catholics with your sitting on your high Trojan horse. The end of the NCW on Guam is in our cross-hairs. . . Amen. 

    1. Surprising you mentioned the approach of Zoltan to sow seeds of doubt, before perpetuating his lies about his NCW cult. This is exactly Satan's approach to Eve in the garden, he sowed the seed of doubt, before he sprung the lies, and false promise that Eve will be just like God. But Zoltan is not only cunning as the serpent, he is someone who dwells in virtual reality, the other side of actual reality, imagination, fairy tales, lies and deceit. He is a prime example of the rotten fruit fallen off the sick NCW tree. Zoltan's Church is a virtual reality catholic church, AKA NCW, worships in a virtual reality liturgy, and consumes a virtual reality eucharist, led by a virtual reality profit Kiko.

  3. And this clown is supposed to be a professor at the University of Guam? Taya respetu giya isla Guahan.

  4. The rotten fruit of the NCW.

  5. He's just trying to save his tax free high paying job at the RMS. Pathetic.

  6. The demented Szekely strikes again! What a trip! Focus on what you do best, boy: jogging! Jog your skeleton-like frame to hell, you bozo! Jog yourself out of this island where you are not needed.

  7. He can be described in one word: Psycho.

  8. He can be described in one word: Psycho.

  9. Just who (names please) make up the Archdiocesan Presbyteral Council and did they really advise Byrnes to keep the Seminary at the Yona property open, or did Byrnes ignore their advice and instead followed the orders of Filoni?

    1. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)January 27, 2017 at 9:11 AM

      From the archdiocese website which may or may not current but I know the council was updated last August/September under Abp. Hon:
      Msgr. David C. Quitugua, JCD
      Msgr. Brigido Arroyo
      Msgr. David I.A. Quitugua
      Very Rev. Joseph English, OFM Cap.
      Fr. Jose “Lito” Antonio Abad
      Fr. Patrick Castro, OFM Cap.
      Fr. Agustin Gumataotao, OFM Cap.
      Fr. Jeffrey San Nicolas
      Fr. Thomas B. McGrath, S.J.

    2. It seems to be the latter, that is, Byrnes is taking orders from Filoni in the Vatican. Archbishop Byrnes may have approached his new responsibility with joy, and with trust for this Cardinal in the Vatican to whom he reports as he stated in a press conference! That is not right. All bishops report to the Pope. They work through the offices of their respective Papal Nunciature. Our Papal Nuncio is Archbishop Martin Krebs, who is based in New Zealand.

      So, Archbishop Byrnes, you are now finding out that Cardinal Filoni, the Prefect for the Congregation of the Evangelization of Peoples, could care less about your goodness and well-wishes for this Archdiocese. The honeymoon is over.

      You are seeing the hand of Filoni in trying to hush everyone up so the NCW in Guam and around the world is NOT EXPOSED in their plan to enrich themselves while operating within our Church. On Guam, they allegedly want to continue in this Archdiocese, not for the well-being of the Catholics on Guam, but for the greater glory and worship of Kiko Arguello, who wants to milk this Archdiocese for all its worth. Kiko in turn will take care of Cardinal Filoni with gifts and other means of support and gratitude. Corruption is what it seems to me.

      But the Holy Spirit has enkindled in the hearts of the Catholics on Guam the fire to defend our Church outwardly and by any good means to get the message out to the people of Guam to help in the cleanup of our Church, especially of Apuron and his cohorts as mentioned below.

      This is the good fight for Our Holy Mother Church. The Sunday picketers; the CCOG; the Laity Forward Movement and the Silent No More groups see the ugliness of Apuron and his cohorts: Cristobal; Quitugua, the younger (aka Lurch); Jackie Terlaje; Ric Eusebio; Pius Sammut; Frank Tenorio; Edivaldo da Silva Oliveira; Alberto Rodriguez Salamanca; Claudia and Giuseppe Gennarini; Francesco Gennarini; Angelo Pochetti; Danny Quichocho; Diana the Blogger; Susana, the tall lady, and others who are all affiliated and deeply involved with the Neocatechumenal Way on Guam and elsewhere. They see the conspiracy to dominate our Archdiocese. God help the faithful Catholics of Guam rid this bastion of devotion to Our Lord and Savior, of the heresy of the Neocatechumenal Way, the root cause of the evil on Guam, as perpetrated by the people mentioned above.

  10. Zoltan the elder is someone's grand/greatgrandparents ? Now be a good boy, and with obedience listen to Pope Francis.

    Saint Peter's Square
    Wednesday, 4 March 2015

    In the tradition of the Church there is a wealth of wisdom that has always supported a culture of closeness to the elderly, a disposition of warm and supportive companionship in this final phase of life. This tradition is rooted in Sacred Scripture, as these passages from the Book of Sirach attest: “Do not disregard the discourse of the aged, for they themselves learned from their fathers; because from them you will gain understanding and learn how to give an answer in time of need” (Sir 8:9).

  11. gaslighting bully
    so cultish

  12. My friends and I have mixed feelings about Byrnes and where his loyalty lies. Now that he's back on Guam to stay (for the foreseeable future), if he does not meet with Mr. Tim Rohr and have a serious discussion about the abuses of apuron and his ilk in the NeoCathecumenal Way, then my friends and I will be convinced that Byrnes is not looking out for the best interests of the Archdiocese of Agana.

    1. Has Tim Rohr asked for an appointment to meet with Byrnes? That's the correct way of approaching him.

    2. Really? According to who? It was Byrnes who made the overtures about listening to both sides. As far as I know he hasn't listened to anyone but Filoni and the crybaby priests.

  13. Zoltan made a bumbling fool of himself during the legislative hearings and was unable to articulate. Can't imagine having him
    as an instructor @ UOG...the man is unintelligible!

  14. Zoltan, you're twisted mind reveals a sinister hatred for decency and the TRUTH. From your picture I'd say you'd fit into the category of elderly but hatred can age so let's just say you are a hypocrite with little respect for the elderly and Haidee who has presented the facts in a fair and impartial reporting of the facts, a credit to her training.
    FAKE NEWS! Zoltan you must be the JESTER of the Neo court. Anything for praise from your community! Another "rotten fruit" of Kiko's false theology and cult.
    Archbishop Byrnes the NCW is a cult and heresy that broods vipers like Zoltan. Souls are at stake!

  15. And he supposed to be a missionary? What gospel is he preaching that preaches hate and ridicule? That's right, it's the Gospel according to Kiko, his profit.