Saturday, January 28, 2017


Posted by Tim

"Where is David?" has been a fairly persistent question in the comments on this blog every since The Slick Sick slipped underground soon after Hon's arrival. 

And as if Facebook heard your pleas, yesterday, someone's post from two years ago popped up as "Facebook Memory." The title: THE REAL VILLAIN. 

Given Archbishop Byrne's HUGE mistake (assuming it was a mistake) in falling for The Adrian's crocodile tears - without knowing the crook behind them (I still have him and The Waldo on my list of people I am prepared to sue), we may well do the well-meaning (but Filoni-controlled) Byrne's a favor by referring to that post from two years ago. 

Msgr. David C. Quitugua

Of course, The Villain's villainous ways continued, ultimately resorting to trafficking in bogus government documents in order to cover his rear end: publishing a false certificate of title for the Yona property - with the help of The Trained Lawyer - in the Umatuna. (Something we have NOT forgotten.)

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