Friday, February 10, 2017


Posted by Tim

Quite a few people have noted that Pius the Slimeball is back and in full gear, orchestrating new "Invitations to Joy," and saying regularly scheduled Sunday masses, at least at the Agat parish.

Pius the Slimeball is not incardinated in this diocese, so in order for him to say Mass he has to be granted special faculties. Per the "Handbook of Faculties, Archdiocese of Agana, pg. 3:

No doubt, Apuron gave the Slimeball "faculties for a period of time," and no doubt Pius still thinks he has them. He may be right. The removal of Apuron's episcopal authority by the pope in June of last year does not automatically cancel past actions and decisions prior to the removal of that authority.

While we know that Hon officially removed The Slimeball as rector of the seminary, we do not know if he also removed his faculties in this diocese. Such an act would require an Aviso (so we all would know), and no Aviso was published.

Thus it is up to Archbishop Byrnes, who now has that authority, to either REVOKE those faculties or continue to extend them. In either case, for the protection of the faithful and the avoidance of scandal, an Aviso is required.

By the way, it is curious that while Pius left the island about the same time as Hon did, he returned in full force with Byrnes arrival. Methinks I can hear Cardinal Felony-Filoni telling Pius: "No worries. I'll take care of Byrnes."

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