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Diana February 12, 2017 at 10:11 PM

Dear Anonymous at 9:44 pm,
I have said this before and I will say it here again. There will be two trials. One is the canonical trial that is already underway. Archbishop Apuron swore before Pope Francis that he is innocent, and he wants to clear his name. When the canonical trial is over and if he is found innocent, Archbishop Apuron will return to Guam and then there will be a civil trial.
He intends to file a lawsuit against ALL his accusers, and he will use the evidence the Vatican had collected in the canonical trial in the civil trial against his accusers. Archbishop Byrnes said that Vatican investigators will be coming to Guam to collect dispositions from the alleged victims. I am sure that they will also have Archbishop Apuron's testimony. The Archbishop is claiming that he is a target of a deliberate conspiracy campaign to remove him.

We welcome his return . . .

 . . but he remains on the run in the U.S., so we will continue to remind the world that he no longer has our confidence as our spiritual leader - demonstrating every Sunday from 0900-0945 in front of the Cathedral in Agana.

 Void of documentation and absent of basic fact, the "Insider" blog, created & still sanctioned by Pius, continues to spew propaganda, ad hominem and hyperbolic attacks:

Anonymous February 11, 2017 at 10:33 AM

Rohr is desperately trying to insert himself into everything related to Archbishop Apuron. He wants the poison he cooked up at JW to be spread and given to the investigators. He is definitely scared that without his constant meddling those who'll make the decision might find out the truth. What is truth?

The truth is that JW and CCOG are a bunch of liars. Rohr's empire is cracking because not everybody is happy to see the best thing they had in their lives, the Catholic Church of Guam, burning down in flames. This group of desperate radical arsonists and their shaky empire will collapse even before the canonical trial is over.

We didn't start the fire, but we are going to put it out. 

Besides, the only thing to have collapsed was the excessive, visually offensive, pretentious neo billboard that visually polluted the grounds of the cathedral.   

Click here for more pictorial evidence of this awesome effort


  1. Replies
    1. Are they coming to audition for more victims?

      Apologies to Jane and Michael Banks.

    2. Nothing but Cowards LOL................. :o

    3. Can't fix stupid! "Disposition"...thanks for the laughs Mae. Your brother Tony is persona non grata around here. Please, take him, putrid, lurch and all the brain washed zombies in your communities and get out of our parishes and build your own church. Tony is a pathetic liar. No wonder he felt at home in his community. Birds of a feather flock together!

    4. 6:57. LOL. So says anonymous SMH

  2. 5:39 PM.. Tim Tim I guess you'll be getting ''S U E D'' you better go start selling some more property, Oh I mean Church Property!!

    1. LOL. That would be fun. As I told the press when he threatened to sue me last May: Bring it on. An innocent man does not run. An innocent man does not try to change his appearance. An innocent man does not hide.

  3. I know most of those people in the picket lines and they all have nice dispositions. God bless you all for keeping up the pressure. My apologies for not being there but trust me I am there in spirit. Tough to fly down from Tinian for a 45 minute walk! On another note, 17 and counting! I just wished that those who approached me about the abuse that happened to them would step forward and add to the flames. We have to clean this house of God and make it be what Jesus intended it to be, a sanctuary for all. Silent No More!

  4. Apuron's canonical trial is for his mismanagement of the archdiocese, not pedophilia. The tribunal's secret verdict won't have any effect on those entirely separate Federal charges.

    If the filthy beast was innocent of child abuse, he could have sued his SIXTEEN accusers and won his case long ago. However, the predatory homosexual pedophile is as guilty as sin. That's why Neocats are trying to hide him in the US.

    That will backfire when he's indicted. Federal Marshals will find him wherever he is and arrest the Neos for aiding the fugitive's escape.

    1. While I and many others wish that were true, Apuron's trial will be civil not criminal. And instead of guilty, he'll be found liable. Unless of course a more recent victim, one who was molested within the criminal statute of limitations, comes forward.

    2. Why do we say that the verdict will be a secret? Won't we know the verdict by seeing what happens to apuron? Either he is removed or not removed, defrocked or not defrocked, etc. Won't that be a visible sign, and therefore not a secret, of the verdict? just asking, no offense intended.

    3. All of the Rome tribunal's proceedings are held in secret. That's what makes Apuron's so-called canonical trial a total sham. On top of that, it can take forever. He'll probably retire honorably in 4 years, completely unpunished.

  5. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaFebruary 14, 2017 at 8:59 AM

    My feeling is that, based on the "all tough talk but no action taken against sexual abusers of children Pope Francis," the Good Ole Boys' Club at the Vatican will prop up the Serial Pedophile — AKA the Delusional Dingbat Diana's Brother Tony — and find him innocent. I pray that I'm wrong but so far I have seen nothing to indicate that anything other than the dragging out of the process will happen — probably with the hope that we will get tired and focus our attention elsewhere.

    In the meantime, we will continue to picket on Sunday mornings 0900-0945 in front of the Cathedral-Basilica.

  6. Same thing I've been saying all along, Mary Lou.

    More power to the Cathedral picketers. I don't live on Guam, but I'm with you in spirit.