Monday, March 20, 2017


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  1. No surprise. We knew that would happen. More of Apuron's victims will probably come forward.

  2. Talu Diana,
    These days people question the authority of a leader. I don't think finding Arch. Apuron not guilty will get him off the hook that easily. Just like in every story book there is at the end, "The End". "The End", is not for Arch. Apuron. He still remains to face the people of the island. With all the publication spread about him Arch. Apuron would have to mend trust . That might be the hardest task for him to do? What about the children attending private school what will their parents say or do. Do you agree, Diana? Oops! Diana, why do you make me lie by calling you Diana when you know darn well Diana is not your name.
    DianaMarch 19, 2017 at 7:29 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 6:46 pm,

    If Archbishop Apuron is found guilty in the canonical trial, I agree that he should be removed from his position as Archbishop of Agana.

    Now, Anonymous.......if he is found not guilty, then he will return as Archbishop of Agana with full authority. Do you agree, Anonymous?

  3. And there will be more claims yet to come. DEFROCK APURON and the rage against the Church will subside, and who knows, maybe so will the claims.

  4. The majority of us have concluded that Apuron is guilty both of abusing his authority or mismanaging his office as well as raping/sucking off altar boys. Whether he is found guilty or not by the Church Tribunal does not matter. In the matter of public opinion he is finished. He does not have moral integrity as a person and, more significantly, as a leader of a Catholic community. If ever he gets reinstated, there will be widespread disgust and he will not help in bringing healing and unity to the Archdiocese he has destroyed. The only thing left is to defrock the pervert and to forget all about him. Sad end to an arrogant bastard.

  5. Plaintiff attorneys will get anywhere from 30% to 50% of the gross settlement amounts. Attorneys for the archdiocese will bill for multi-millions on top of that.

    Insurance carriers will decline to pay for a lot based on felonies, forseeability, negligence, fraud, etc., exponentially increasing the AD's massive out-of-pocket expenses.

    Where will this fortune come from? What happens when the underinsured AD can't pay these draconian bills? Sell everything, including the Cathedral?

  6. Fr.Matthew Blockley.March 21, 2017 at 10:28 PM

    I read this article on the life of Bishop Camacho. He was a total disaster who wrecked lives.
    I only hope David Lujan will have the opportunity to question him in an American trial. Justice I believe will only be found through Atty.David Lujan.

  7. Cardinal Burke was in San Francisco for a 3-day canon law society meeting. He said the closing Cathedral Mass on March 15.

    I don't know what was discussed at the meeting or what was said at the Mass because only local big shots were allowed to attend them. The imperial chancery won't provide any information.

  8. Is the article about Bp. Camacho online? If so, please link it.

  9. So they'll declare bankruptcy like 15 US dioceses did. They're surviving. The latest one is Billings-Great Falls Montana just a few days ago. Second one in the State.

    The bankrupt Helena Montana Diocese (State Capitol) took a $16 million hit last year due to pedophiles who ravaged the brutal Indian residential schools way back to the 1890's, nuns included. One of the pervert priests named was ordained in 1898.