Monday, April 10, 2017

PACIFIC DAILY NEWS: Apuron’s fellow altar boy files clergy abuse lawsuit


  1. Eight pervert priests, plus filthy Apuron himself. The beast was running a pedophile clergy ring. A common atrocity uncovered in the US, UK and Europe.

  2. Could it be that the late Tony Cruz, a flaming pedo hiimself, molested apuron, and the victim liked it so much that apuron started grooming his own set of victims? What a scandalous and depraved group of evil men who were allowed to roam as "lions looking for someone to devour," using their power and status in society. Honestly, they are wimps who were unable to nurture normal healthy relationships so they attempt to overpower innocent defenseless kids to get back at others and compensate for their social ineptness. The prevailing false sense of deference and trust by people towards priests here in Guam is partly to blame for the unchecked lascivious acts towards our children! This attitude still needs to change! Do not be misled by sanctimonious posturing in the guise of benevolent paternalism. Twisted men like these should not have unfettered access to the innocent objects of their demonic desires. Yes, filthy apuron and putrid pius also formed a dangerous alliance to rape Roman Catholicism in Guam.