Thursday, April 13, 2017


Posted by Chuck White

I found Kiko Arguello’s “Easter Announcement 2017” in my inbox this morning. Wow. He is exhorting his followers to celebrate the Easter Vigil liturgy in their homes! Read more.


  1. It sounds like Kiko subscribes to the sedevacantist Home Alone Movement that is found in the US. A small, deranged cult.

    Sadly, former good friends of mine got into it. They tried the SSPX and other schismatic sects, but found them too liberal. They subsequently dropped Catholic friends and relatives and completely withdrew into a heretical Home Alone netherworld. They won't even speak to people who aren't known Home Aloners.

    These seriously disturbed people will not step foot in Catholic churches for any reason, funerals included. They stay at home and watch videos of unauthorized, pre-1962 traditional Masses done by openly schismatic Traditionalist priests. Independent and Old Catholic clergy with no diocesan faculties anywhere.

    Home Aloners are similar to the late Fr. Gommar DePauw's New York crazies. They watch Sunday Mass videos of their deceased founder saying Mass in their priestless Long Island chapel. A delusional canon lawyer, DePauw even filmed himself saying his own Tridentine Requiem Mass so he wouldn't be buried by a priest ordained after Vatican II. His fading cult of daft old people has a skeleton website from which the original outlandish garbage was removed.

    Where I live, one of the dropout Home Alone "priests" runs a sideshow Tridentine chapel and a sulphurous anti-Vatican II website. This married fraud convinced many nostalgic fools that he is a traditional Roman Catholic priest who legitimately celebrates the Pre-Vatican II Tridentine Mass. However, his Old Catholic lineage is well known. The spineless local bishops won't condemn his lucrative racket which also developed a large Catholic tourist following. It operates from two adjacent dioceses. His leased chapel is in one, but his residence and website are in another.

  2. Will Apuron be doing an Easter Vigil dog and pony show at the Fairfield, CA Neocat home where he's hiding?

    If so, I can imagine his BOG hosts charging a hefty admission fee for it to help with the scumbag's legal bills.

  3. "walk away from the parishes". Hmmm, I thought that the Way was supposed to be at the service of the parishes?

  4. Dissident Father James Martin Appointed By Pope Francis To Foul Up The Vatican Communications Office
    Father Arturo Sosa Abascal, recently elected Superior General of the Jesuits, has proven himself to be quite the water-carrier for Pope Francis. He voiced approval of the Pope's treatment of the dubia and of the Cardinals who published them. He has recently caught some flak for his attempt to cast doubt on Jesus' words concerning marriage (in what probably is an attempt to boost the credibility of Amoralis Lamentia). In a saner time, any priest who cast doubt upon Sacred Scripture and Tradition would have been defrocked. Instead though, because he is obviously of the same mind as the pope, he remains head of a major religious order.

    Today we learned of another Jesuit dissident being rewarded for his heresy. Father James Martin, another Jesuit (yes, this one), has been named a consultor to the Vatican communication office. To my friends who insist on blaming the pope's statements on "bad translations", you can no longer invoke the "mistranslation" canard and maintain integrity. Bear in mind that Martin has shown himself, over and over again, to be a shill for the gay agenda. He is just another voice, like Abascal, to aid in the deconstruction of Christ's teachings on marriage, sexuality and family life. Personnel is policy, as they say. With personnel such as these two Jesuits, we know what the Vatican policies now are.

    Here's another consideration regarding Martin's appointment. Recall that he is editor of the Jesuit dissident rag called America. One of Martin's predecessors in that role was Father Thomas Reese. Reese was editor when Pope Benedict XVI assumed the papacy. One of Benedict's first acts was to eject Reese from his editor position because of his dissidence. Now we see another dissident editor of America exalted because of his dissidence. Might this appointment by Pope Francis be a disguised insult to the Pope Emeritus?


  5. Here's another gem from Kiko's 2017 Easter Announcement - his handlers must be having a helluva time...

    "Today I am for you the Virgin who is giving birth to Jesus Christ in you, gestating in you the Son of God." p. 6

    I'll bet you've never heard a Catholic evangelist speak in such a pretentious, gender-confused way, eh?

  6. Janet B - MangilaoApril 15, 2017 at 5:57 AM

    Kiko the virgin? And the Domus Galileleae chapel shaped like a womb? Come fellow Kikos. Time to PUSH that filthy money from your purses to help with Kikos birth.
    It's going to be one big baby with all those brainless fool co-conceptors!
    So sad it borders funny.....
    Unless one of your family members is caught in Kikos vagina.

    1. Janet, we gotta wonder when the coach is going to finally take this player out of the game.

    2. It won't happen. He's too rich, powerful and well connected. His successor(s) will be just as bad.

  7. I didn't see any NCW at the Easter Vigil mass at the cathedral this evening. I thought they were supposed to observe Easter Vigil with the rest of us. Mmmmm... So much for obedience...

  8. That looks like a kitchen counter buffet in the photo. Surely it can't be an altar!

    1. Looks more like a country club popo's table set up with snacks, the folks on the sofa in their reclined position, legs on knee appear to be watching entertainment. No reverence at all during the reception of the Most Holy Body and Blood of our Lord. My guess, they are only displaying by their action exactly what they believe. That it is a mere meal, that Christ is not present in the species, as he is already risen and in heaven somewhere. Perhaps they are also telling us that the presbyters do not have the power to confect bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, therefore the presbyter is only a butler dishing out happy meals in a banquet. Ordained Priests after all offer sacrifice as their primary roles as priests....

  9. different church for sure. neocats: get out now.

  10. We now have proof that Kiko's people have issued a "corrected" version of his Easter Announcement in Spanish, and presumably, in English. We reported on the Italian original, which you can find here.

    1. Is that like an apostolic letter from the pope of the NCW to his church? But if it is corrected version, then it means that Kiko is not infallible in his teachings of faith and morals, necessitating correction of his apostolic letter. He forgot to dot the ""i, and cross the "t".

  11. Interesting to know that for Diana, Holy Thursday is only a celebration not the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    AnonymousMarch 30, 2015 at 12:43 PM
    You wrote "It is only during Holy Thursday and Good Friday that we attend the parish Mass before going to our own community celebration, which always takes place in the home."

    I would be interested to know which parish has a Good Friday Parish MASS, Diana, since as a "regular Catholic" going on 50, I have never attended a MASS on Good Friday. As far as I know in the Roman Catholic Church Good Friday is the ONE DAY of the year when there are NO MASSES. But then again I'm not a Neo, so maybe there's a Good Friday Mass in a parish that has a Neo pastor. Is that it?


    DianaMarch 30, 2015 at 1:31 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 12:43 pm,

    Forgive me. I meant the "Holy Thursday" and "Good Friday" celebration in the parish. I am in the habit of saying "Mass".