Sunday, May 21, 2017


Posted by Chuck White

"Kiko Argüello: Santo o impostore?" (Kiko Argüello: Saint or Impostor?), by Daniel Lifschitz.  Lifschitz was an early Neocatechumenal catechist and Jewish convert to the Catholic Faith.  SPOILER ALERT

Kiko Argüello is an impostor.


  1. Spoiler Alert - no big surprise. The Jungle Nation has known the truth about Kiko for a long time!
    When will they learn they can't play cat and mouse in the jungle. We'll eat them up.

  2. I think Kiko is a Catholic Church-hating, closeted homosexual and so was Carmen. They use the satanic NCW to infiltrate and destroy the Church. Kiko is protected by high-ranking Vatican perverts.

  3. I’m sorry y’all are dumb and taking this a bit too seriously 😐 like srsly wasting ur time on writing books and hate on something that did not work for you😂 like im an ex-neocat for personal reasons and the way seems to help other people (does not have to be everyone) only getting into heaven. Do whatever works for you to getting into heaven. Spend ur time reflecting, repenting and in penance instead of this 🙃

  4. It's not hate, it's just pointing out error (LOTS of error) that actually could put you on the wrong path and keep you from heaven. See for the details.

    1. Good point, Chuck. Blowing the whistle on false teaching is a generous act of Charity.

  5. Hello anonymous, I am not contradicting your assertion that you've been loved. I assume that's true. But your catechists and presumably your parents, teach many falsehoods, including moral, scriptural, liturgical and eschatological.

  6. "The way" and its leaders are profoundly wrong on so many levels, as Chuck points out. Most serious theologists point to a modernized version of Gnostic approach. As many on this site have pointed out over the years, most people in the Way are honest Catholics trying to better themselves and have very little to do with the initiators and the cadres of the group who knowingly preach falsehoods and manipulations for their own personal benefits.