Saturday, May 20, 2017


Buenas Todos,

We proved Archbishop Hon wrong when he said last June 12 that after two weeks, we'd "go away". Well, we didn't go away. Sunday, May 21, 2017 will mark our 47th picket. We didn't grow weary of fighting for truth and justice!

Rally your friends and neighbors to join our battle to show Rome that we want Apuron removed and defrocked ----Sunday, May 21, 2017 9-9:45 a.m. in front of Cathedral Basilica. St Michael the Archangel Defend Us in Battle!!

Si Yu'us Ma'ase,

Lou Klitzkie, LFM


  1. That dainty twit who was a pencil-pusher in some Vatican office came with officious arrogance. He ignorantly and imperiously declared that "this will be over in a month." Ha ha ha...this is what happens when a minesweeper is needed to sniff out the decoys but you send a pollyanish naive Bo-Peep to do tough work. Now, "this" escalated rather quickly into "this is all over" the global news media. I cannot fathom how a churchman would come on false pretenses and expect us to abandon our desire to help our church. His orders from Filoni is diabolical.

  2. As of this picket (#47) we have logged in 2,115 minutes of marching. That is more than 35 hours! I don't know what equates to in miles but it is sure to be an impressive number.

    Thank you, Archbishop Hon, for inspiring us to maintain the picket line for all these months. In a few weeks we will mark the one year anniversary of when we were supposed to "go away." Come join us for that momentous occasion and we will save you a place in line and a sign or two to carry. Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. That's equal to about 70 miles of protest walking. All Katolicos are to be heartily congratulated. We thank you from the very depths of our hearts for being such a steady vehicle of improvement for our Church.
    My own dream would be that the canonical trial decision be released to the world on the first anniversary of your marches. That would be a divine gift of acknowledgement that the people of the Church do matter.
    Biba Katolico!