Sunday, June 18, 2017


Posted by Frenchie

To speak frankly, I was a little concerned last weekend, when I was first sent a copy of Archbishop Byrnes' Aviso.

The first six months of this year, have been a little bit of an emotional roller coaster for many of us.
We have been caught between the good feelings of the actions of a new and refreshing Archbishop, while at the same time, we also have been very frustrated at times by his lack of grasp of the evil at bay, specially in regards to the evil doings and plannings of the Neos.

As Tim and several others have noted, when they are confronted by a strong reaction, the Neos usually follow the same script.
  • Take a low profile for as long as necessary.
  • Continue your actions under cover.
  • Pretend people misread their intention.
  • Agree in public to whatever the opposition is, but at the same time launch a campaign of whispers.
  • Organize a form of resistance, both passive and aggressive.
  • Get ready for a comeback.
While the evil and conniving Pius the very Putrid is no longer physically here on island, he remains in charge from afar, thanks to the internet and modern communications tools.
He is aided and abetted in his task by the usual useful idiots, who have also taken a lower profile.

Their main goal, being that we will tire of the struggle, and that the public shall forget.
Indeed we know that the public has a very short term memory.

So it was very disconcerting to read this Aviso, it was the old feeling of one step forward and two steps backward. Obviously Arch Byrnes had been check-mated.

While my mood was darkened by this obviously disappointing development, I have been very pleasantly  surprised, by the immediate and vigorous shield lifting by our readers, and others active in this fight.


This light, represens the dedication of all the true Catholics on Guam who have been fighting against this heretical movement, and their representatives. The fight is far from over. This guy is the poster child of that evil on Guam.

Let's not enable him to get away with all the evil he has caused in this Diocese.

St Michael the Archangel, defend us in Battle....

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