Sunday, June 25, 2017



  1. Please, please, do not make oneself into an unforgiving people. Yes, justice (especially to provide protection for the innocent) is extremely important; however, mercy is important too. See below link:

    Also, something that helps me personally - I try to visualize the perpetrator as someone in my own family that I love unconditionally - could be a brother, sister, mother, son, granddaughter, etc. If that person gets caught up in any type of addiction - drugs, booze, sex, etc., do I not try to seek help for this person? Do I not pray for their release from that which is not holy and that which is destructive to others because of such addictions?
    I have learned that a lot of evil stems from pornography. Once the person is hooked, the evil progresses because what was enough is not enough anymore. Looking at pictures easily becomes acting out the images, and can progress into something more terrible. Look at Ted Bundy's admittance that porn started it all in his own life - Before he was put to death for his crimes, he let himself be interviewed on Dobson's "Focus on the Family" to try to warn others of the dangers of pornography.
    Now I visualize him as being my own son,brother, dad, etc - do I have enough love and mercy in my heart to forgive him for his actions - do I have enough understanding that his addition to sex went totally haywired. If I don't, I run to Jesus in the Eucharist for a "refill." Yes, Ted (and others like him) are no more; however, like the thief on the cross, I hope Christ found a repentant sinner before Ted Bundy was put to death for his crimes.

    Even husbands can be addicted to sex. How many wives have husbands with an insatiable appetite for sex, and have uncharitably expected their wives to do their duty. There are many husbands that only think of themselves and their satisfaction without regard to their wives. The wife might have had a very busy day - cleaning house, grocery shopping, tending the kids - one who may have been sick, etc, etc...but to the addictive and demanding husband, that doesn't mean a thing. This can be abuse too.

    1. Oh brother. So now we are beating up on husbands. Geez.

  2. Picketers of Guam, thank you very much!!! I admire you. BRAVO.

  3. Where is Apuron is hiding now? A couple of months ago, he was allegedly sighted in Santo Domingo, travelling with an unidentified younger man.

    Vice-ridden Santo Domingo is a known haven for pedophiles. Is Apuron's pervert-pal Wadeson down there too?