Sunday, June 25, 2017


Posted by Tim

More than 1000 years ago, St. Peter Damian wrote a letter to the then pope, Gregory VI, which is eerily like the letter we would, ourselves, write to Pope Francis at this very moment as he considers Apuron's fate:
"However, whether it might be reasonable for the world to expect these things of which we write, the Church of Pesaro will first give a clear indication of good hope. For unless the aforesaid church is taken away from the hand of that incestuous adulterer, perjurer and robber, all the hope of the restoration of the world that has been raised among the peoples will be completely drained. Indeed, all turn their eyes to this purpose, all raise their ears to this one voice. And if that bishop, implicated in so many crimes, is restored to the height of the episcopacy, the Apostolic See will be utterly unable to do any further good." (Book of Gomorrah - from the Introduction). 
That last sentence says it all. 


  1. Yes this is true Tim. Only today at lunch I was talking to Priests about some bishops who are accused abusers who not only damaged kids but also damaged the Holy Mass and the Liturgy. This is a major worry to me. Fact that Anthony Apuron and his band of merry monkeys have seriously damaged the Mass in their practices. Have you also seen these priests wearing dirty stinking albs sloppy dressed at the Mass. I saw a priest recently wearing no alb with a vestment in jeans and gym shoes. It looks horrible. This followed by priests who do not follow the Roman liturgy is sickening. It's really making me pissed off at the standards being shown. I mean what is wrong with these priests who fail to dress correctly for the Holy Mass. I am seeing high profile priests bishops dressed like shit it really is very sickening to see. And finger nails one neo priest had finger nails full of dirt holding the Body of Christ. Even my house help have manicured nails! what is happening to these priests? I can only see local priests who dress correctly for Holy Mass.Oh dear what is happening to Liturgy. More power to Fr.Eric and local priests than these stinking Neos.
    I hope this helps readers.

  2. Sure Apuron can be restored. But if so this Archdiocese will hound him until his last breath.

    1. Anon 6:29 PM, if I lived on Guam, you'd certainly have my support in hounding Apuron if he returned. However, perverts like him still have powerful layers of silent protection from the Church. We experienced that first-hand.

      San Francisco is a small archdiocese of around 400,000 Catholics. It was plagued by 36 credibly accused homosexual pedophiles who cost us around $70 million in abuse settlements: 34 priests and 2 religious. One of the religious served 8 years in San Quentin State Prison.

      Only 1 of those monsters was laicized and that was for embezzlement of $250,000 from his parish, not for 224 counts of drugging and raping altar boys. The statute of limitations vacated all but 2 of the abuse charges and the archdiocese paid around $2.5 million to 2 of his victims out of Court.

      The other 35 perverts escaped canonical punishment altogether. They were quietly removed from public ministry and retired at our expense. Two of them still socialize openly with local elites. Among the criminals: 3 high-ranking chancery officials, the police dept. chaplain, the Cathedral Rector and 1 of his assistant pastors, 2 seminary professors at St. Patrick's and the Pastor of my parish who, unbeknownst to us, did time at an east coast treatment facility for pedophile priests. That came to light when he was suddenly retired for interfering with an altar boy.

      He ended a Sunday Mass by abruptly saying he was leaving San Francisco immediately and he never wanted to see or hear from anyone at the parish again. The Chancery never gave us the reason for his departure. We heard about it through the secular media.

      Over the years, I knew 18 of those 36 grinning psychopaths, but no one suspected them of committing crimes 3 consecutive archbishops and their auxiliaries had systematically concealed. As far as I know, the current archbishop was not involved in the coverup. He arrived here well after the dust settled. However, he was publicly criticized for his failure to provide pastoral assistance to the victims.