Friday, June 16, 2017


Janet B - Mangilao has left a new comment on your post "PDN: Concerned Catholics seeks removal of 5 church...": 

What an amazing day on K-57 this morning! Tim called in to throw a bit of reality into the naming of Quitugua to two powerful councils. The average Catholic is asleep to the problems in our Church. They will only wake up when their personal world is rocked into reality.

But guess what. I think this is starting to happen with more people, as we see the cash spigot quickly going dry. This is a sure sign that people are finally catching on. But not all.

Sadly, our leadership is still asleep to the problems, having chosen a route of "make peace, not war". Fr Jeff himself said as much this morning in response to the reality Tim was painting. Fr Jeff doesn't see a war, he is just trying to make peace.

Well, Fr Jeff, how is that going so far? Your boss demanded that no more communities be formed back in March, for a period of 1 year. And within a short period of time the kikos formed several new communities. The Church declares a truce and the kikos continue to battle.

And we have seen this in the past. When the heat gets really hot on the kikos because of one of their many misdeeds, they quickly go dark, and scheme a new way to continue the same actions, "but let's just don't get caught next time". Or, more likely, they just deny and lie, even though the truth is right in front of the world to see. 

The kikos don't need to fight a guerrilla war, hiding in the dark jungles. No, they are at war right in our faces. And their biggest weapon is "four popes have approved us". They don't need to hide and fight, because they can fight right in the open and no one in our Church leadership has the strength to stand up and say BASTA - ENOUGH!

Fr Jeff, they teach heresies and you do nothing. They steal millions of dollars in assets and you do nothing. They churn out fake priests and you do nothing. Their fake priests defy you and the bishop, and you do nothing.

Tell me Fr Jeff, how is peace working out so far?

Look at history, Fr Jeff. When war breaks out, does peace occur when one side lays down its arms and the other side continues its agression? No. The agressor eventually destroys the "peace makers" who laid down their arms and gave up the battle. What would have happened to Europe if the allies laid down their arms before Hitler was routed out? Europe would be in ruins, and eventually our brown skin would have made us Nazi targets as well.

Don't get me wrong Fr Jeff. We true Katolicos all want peace. The difference is that some of us are willing to fight to insure we have a true peace, while you still refuse to face the evil that has been raging in our local Church for so many years now.

And that evil is none other than the NCW. There is no other source of rancor or agression in our Church other than the NCW. But until you and Abp Byrnes recognize that reality, and join in the fight, eventually they will win the war. Even though they number less than one-half of one percent, they will win because their leaders have a strategy and their troops follow the leaders orders. Obedient to the end (but only to their catechists).

And on our side, the side of the Church, we have leaders who refuse to fight evil. Who refuse to fight disobedient priests. Who refuse to correct heresy. Who refuse to develop a plan to face the enemy. Who refuse to use superior numbers to motivate the faithful to save our Church. Who refuse to use truth as our greatest strength.

An ostrich is a huge bird, but is completely ineffective when it buries its head in the sand.

Quite frankly Fr Jeff, your call to make peace looks more like cowardice than a sincere attempt to fix a terrible problem. Especially in light of the attacks that continue to be waged against the Church. 

The longer you continue to wage "peace in the face of aggression", the fewer resources you will have available to you. Do you see how the troops have started to withhold support? The finances are so bad now that you are forced to coerce it from unwilling donors by tripling assessments to the parishes, and starting assessments to the schools for the very first time.

And where will the parishes and schools get this needed cash for a Church unwilling to fight for survival? People aren't going to give just because of an assessment. Again, look at history Fr Jeff.

Europe was ablaze in World War II. Did America raise money for the war effort? Yes, but only after it entered into the fray after Pearl Harbor. And people gave, not because the government taxed the heck out of them. People gave because they believed in the effort to root out evil, and they saw that their government leaders were going in the right direction. People supported the country because the country fought for what was right and good.

How can the people of Guam support the Church, when the Church is not willing to fight for what is right and good?

Fr Jeff, you are a very emotional person. We have come to know you as the crying priest, and your homilies have touched many. BUT NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR TEARS, NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION!

We ARE in a war, that is the reality. And now is the time the Church on Guam must fight. Before peace can be restored, the aggressors must be brought to submission. Thank God Eisenhower didn't stop fighting until the Nazi's and Japan finally laid down their arms.

Here is a quote from the top of the JungleWatch page to leave you with: “Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops like bishops, and your religious act like religious.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen, 1972

The people will support our leaders as soon as we see that our leaders are willing to also fight for what is “truly right and just.”

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