Saturday, June 17, 2017


There are 34 priests incardinated in the Archdiocese of Agana. Of these 34, 24 (71%) are Neo’s. Of the 24 Neo’s 16 are not on Guam or are at RMS, i.e., not involved in the running of the Archdiocese of Agana. 24 minus 16 leaves 8 or 24%. 

By permitting priests who have nothing to do with our archdiocese, some of whom have been gone for years, some of whom refused to respond to anyone but Apuron, some of whom are hiding (Apuron and Luis Camacho), Fr. Jeff and Archbishop Byrnes have permitted 24% of the Neo priest to become 71%. 

Canon Law may require that all priests incardinated in a diocese have a vote in the election of the presbyteral council, but anyone with a brain would assume that these priests must be in good standing and not deserters, perverts in hiding, or priests who refused to accept their assignments so they were awarded with travel and furthering their education. 

According to this list, and per what Fr. Jeff told us on the radio today about who voted, we have to assume that Apuron and Luis Camacho both voted, and of course, voted for David C. Quitugua, who Byrnes then further promoted to an exclusive position on the College of Consultors.

Note: Louis Brouillard is incardinated but since he most certainly was left out of the vote, he is not included in the count. 
Note: This list was made from the 2016 Archdiocesan Directory. If there are updates, please advise and we will update the spreadsheet.
Note: It is very obvious that they voted to keep Msgr. James Benavente OUT. 

This is a link to the spreadsheet.

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