Sunday, July 2, 2017


Posted by Frenchie

Many of us have prayed and  worked hard to see some kind of reckoning for Archbishop Apuron.

For over a year now, ever since he gave us the slip, and went into hiding with the help of the Neos.
The fantastic LFM has relentlessly demonstrated in front of the Cathedral, to remind us and the Vatican about the disgusting actions of this poor excuse for a Bishop.
During that time the Neos here on Guam, but also around the world, have hunkered down. Pulling their troops together, telling them the storm will weather out, and soon Apuron shall return.

Problem for this was that Cardinal Muller had convened a tribunal, (an almost unheard of action against a bishop). He also had chosen to preside over this tribunal a strict enforcer of Church Law and well regarded Canon Lawyer in the person of Cardinal Burke.

Somehow the Neos, and Filoni, did not interfere much. Going as far as putting together an inane scenario in which Apuron was the victim of a cabal of left wingers (us, apparently) because he was such a conservative stalwart . This was communicated to the communities around the world.

Apparently the investigation of the Tribunal by Cardinal Burke and the other Canon Lawyers, has concluded, the only step needed being the redaction of the findings and recommendations of the court, back to the Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith. (Cdl Muller)

Yet the Neos seem optimistic.
Here is the reason of their optimism.

Cdl Muller, just like Cdl Burke has been the target of a vicious and well coordinated campaign for his position on Amoris Laetitia, the highly controversial and  poorly coordinated approach to reform, pushed by the Pope and the Modernist wing of the Church.

It is thought that Cdl Muller tenure of 5 years as Prefect of this most important Congregation shall not be continued when it expires.

Problem being that it expire on Sunday July 2nd 2017.

As you would have it, the Neos have been hard at work in the shadows of the Vatican and two of their most trusted allies, are rumored to be the leading candidates to replace Cdl Muller.

One is the dangerous Cdl O'Malley of Boston, who has already provided  a team of Canon lawyers for  Apuron and is very close to both Genarrini and Kiko. (He sits on the board of Domus Galilae)

The other is the highly political Cardinal Shoenborn of Vienna (Austria) a former papabili, a lead advocate of the Amoris Laetitia, and also a big supporter of Kiko.

If either of these two individuals was to replace Cdl Muller, the chance of the findings of Apuron's tribunal ever reaching the Pope, would suddenly look very bleak.

Francis is already on the defensive, since his special economical envoy Cdl Pell has been indicted in Australia by a criminal court. The political manipulations of the Modernist, within the Vatican, and the backroom plotting of the Neos and their agents, are playing perfectly behind the Veil of the fight for the reform Pope Francis wants to impose at a neck-break speed.

Our struggle to rebuild the Church on Guam, could very well become the victim of a classical Italian drama back within the walls of the Vatican, and the reforming Pope could fall victim to the well orchestrated  Gordian knot put in place by Kiko and his allies there.



  1. The Pope has appointed Jesuit Archbishop Luis Ladaria to take Cardinal Gerhard Müller’s place.

  2. Not sure how this will affect things but Spanish Jesuit Archbishop Luis Ladaria has been appointed to take Muller's place:

    1. Thanks, for the info. See my comment below. There are many different schools of thought in Spain Ladaria-Ferrer is a Majorquin, (a catalan from Majorca). They have a very different view of the world that let say the Castillan or the Leonese.
      His appointment comes with many shades of grey. He is well regarded as a scholar. He is a Jesuit, like the Pope. Development of the story shall be very interesting.

  3. Sad.....I'm switching.

  4. The appointment of archbishop Ladaria Ferrer, probably pushes the threat of seeing the Apuron's case disappear into the Vatican's twilight Zone for now.
    At the same time, this is definitely the continuation of Pope Francis pursuit of his goals of reforms at any price.

    I shall not comment on the latest, except to say we shall look on with a lot of interest.
    On the other hand, in regards to what concerns us here on Guam, which is the reconstruction of our Church and the eradication of the cancer brought in by Apuron and his minions, we still have a lot to say.
    Ladaria Ferrer, as a recognized theologian is no friend of Kiko, but he surely is devoted to the works of Francis.

    After all, it looks like Francis was able to defuse the Kikos' traps,and still appoint someone in line with his policies.

    For us and the Apuron's case, lets say that is a lot better that any of the scenario advanced by Filoni and his allies.

  5. John C. Ada TovesJuly 2, 2017 at 2:38 PM

    Thanks Frenchie. It is a war and we can't keep our heads in the sand.

  6. No one pushes Cardinal Schonborn around, the Pope included. He does exactly as he pleases. He's a Titled nobleman from a mega-multi-billionaire ancient family that literally owns half of Europe. Follow the money and you'll see why Schonborn gets away with being an obstructionist jerk.

    1. Cardinal Schonborn was Ordained a Dominican priest, but none of the many OP's I know can stand him. They say he's an extremely arrogant and snob.

      Every few years, Schonborn visits an equally disliked, elitist priest-friend where I live. He bunks with lay people who kiss his ass, not at a Dominican priory or at the bishop's residence.

      Last time he was here, he stayed in the small home of a single woman in her late 40's who is very close to the disliked priest. That setup definitely didn't look good.