Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Timothy Guile has left a new comment on your post "INSTEAD OF SHOUTING AT THE REST OF US": 

Expelling Anthony Apuron from our midst presumes that he is guilty, and if guilty, that he has not repented. We may find out soon enough about his guilt if the Vatican pronounces on the sexual abuse charges. If he is found guilty, it still may be the case that he has already repented and we need not expel him from the community of Catholics on Guam for being a recalcitrant, unrepentant child abuser. St. Paul could urge such expulsions because of his special relationship with the Lord who gifted him with much insight and wisdom. I am no St. Paul, are you?


By presuming to lecture us (again), apparently Mr. Guile actually thinks that HE is St Paul. But let's have a little fun with this anyway.

Guile, says that St. Paul could "urge such expulsions because of his special relationship with the Lord." Okay, so apparently, Guile believes that the Scriptures are dead since apparently the directives found in them are only valid so long as the promulgators of the directives (in this case, Paul) are alive. Might as well throw the bible away, then. 

Paul, of course, is instructing the community at Corinth, NOT just in this particular instance, but how to act generally. In fact, Paul is perturbed that he even has to tell them. But who is the "them?" Paul, of course, isn't calling for mob rule. He is speaking to the men he left in charge, the "elders" of the church. Anybody with half a brain would understand this. 

Archbishop Hon, in his position of Apostolic Administrator, understood this, which is why he personally went to Rome and asked the pope to remove him: 

Full letter here

Notice that Hon is already URGING "the Holy See" (which is ultimately the pope) "to remove Archbishop Apuron as Archbishop of Agana and to appoint a successor" BEFORE the trial has even begun.

Now why is that? 

Guile seems to think that Apuron's guilt or innocence has only to do with the sex abuse allegations, and per Guile's skewed liberal views, some sort of private repentance is all that is needed and we can break out the welcoming leis. He doesn't even have to tell his victims that he's sorry in Guile's pathetic world. 

But Hon wasn't URGING the Holy See to remove Apuron because of the sex abuse allegations against Apuron. Indeed, Hon almost refused to even consider that the allegations even existed. Hon was urging the Holy See to remove Apuron because of his crimes against the people of the Archdiocese of Agana lying, cheating, stealing, neglecting, abandoning, etc., a long list of things that have been thoroughly documented over and over again. 

Archbishop Byrnes recently held a press conference just to say that he concurred with the urgings of Archbishop Hon to rid this diocese of Apuron, additionally declaring this diocese a DISASTER if Apuron were to return. 

So I'm wondering, if these two bishops, whose authority descends directly from the apostles themselves, is enough for Guile. 

Probably not. 


  1. Mr Guile likes to take the position of devil's advocate, at almost every occasion.
    I guess his academic career has left him yearning for argumenting for arguments'sake.
    It is sad to see the similarities with another local academic: Zoltan the Magyar from afar.
    Perhaps there is a need for center stage in both cases.
    Unfortunately, life is a cruel classroom. It has a tendency to throw things back at you, with regular brutality. Things like truth, and reality....go figure!!!
    In Mr Guile's case, wanting to be a devil's advocate might become way too litteral.

  2. Just do a millstone number on Apuron, a punishment approved by Jesus Himself!

  3. I perceive Guile to be trying to portray that he has some knowledge and understanding of sacred scripture too and is attempting to interject his understanding to the readers of JW. Only problem is that his personal interpretation is influenced by his NCW lenses and values. Guile, Apuron's repentance is between himself and God, you have no buisness making a pronouncement of him being repentant or not, and FYI, No one expelled Apuron but himself. He chose to flee the Island when the heat got too hot in the kitchen.

    1. Actually, no. Apuron's "repentance" (if he's even capable) is not just between him and God. It must also be between him and the people he damaged.

  4. Anyone convinced that they come with the Holy Spirit and who judges that they are chosen above the Church hierarchy have no alternative than to behave like the ncw