Thursday, July 6, 2017


Posted by Tim

I've always referred to RMS as "The Head of the Snake," and for nearly four years, I have documented why it is The Head of the Snake in great detail. 

And while I have have confidence that it eventually will be cut off, we still must not lose sight of just how monstrous and diseased were the actions of Anthony S. Apuron and David C. Quitugua as regards RMS and the Yona Property. 

Putting all the legal-speak aside about whether or not title to the property was actually conveyed (it was). The real matter here, and the matter which nails their guilt to the wall, is that the transaction was HIDDEN. 

If there was nothing wrong with giving the property to RMS for "perpetual use," if there was nothing wrong with the Deed Restriction, if it was ONLY a restriction on the use of the property as The Trained Lawyer claimed, if the "perpetual use" really was given to RMS to benefit the Archdiocese of Agana, then the action would have been announced

Given Apuron's devotion to RMS and its boys and his own well-known lust to see himself in the paper, he would have wanted it to be front page news. 

But it was not. 

The document was secretly recorded and quietly tucked into a file at Land Management, meant to lay there undisturbed until Apuron's successor came along (should he not be Neo) and might want to do something else with the property. 

Apuron's defenders say that there was nothing secret about it because instruments affecting land titles are public records. Yes, it was a public record, which is why we were eventually able to find it. But we had to dig deep to do it. And then we had to hire a real estate attorney to dig into the document itself to find out what the document really did.

From its language to its intent to its recording and filing, everything about the Deed Restriction was clandestine. And THIS is where we see Apuron's true crime against the people of the Archdiocese of Agana. Not that he gave away a major piece of the patrimony of the Church which he was required by his office to guard in trust (though he did that), but because he HID his actions from the people he was consecrated to shepherd and protect.

THIS is the CRIME of Anthony S. Apuron. He hid, he hid, he hid. 

And little did he know that when he secretly authorized that transaction in November of 2011, and hid it "safely" away in the bowels of the Department of Land Management, that a year and half later he himself would have to hide. And he hides, still. 

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