Thursday, July 6, 2017


Posted by Tim

I've always referred to RMS as "The Head of the Snake," and for nearly four years, I have documented why it is The Head of the Snake in great detail. 

And while I have have confidence that it eventually will be cut off, we still must not lose sight of just how monstrous and diseased were the actions of Anthony S. Apuron and David C. Quitugua as regards RMS and the Yona Property. 

Putting all the legal-speak aside about whether or not title to the property was actually conveyed (it was). The real matter here, and the matter which nails their guilt to the wall, is that the transaction was HIDDEN. 

If there was nothing wrong with giving the property to RMS for "perpetual use," if there was nothing wrong with the Deed Restriction, if it was ONLY a restriction on the use of the property as The Trained Lawyer claimed, if the "perpetual use" really was given to RMS to benefit the Archdiocese of Agana, then the action would have been announced

Given Apuron's devotion to RMS and its boys and his own well-known lust to see himself in the paper, he would have wanted it to be front page news. 

But it was not. 

The document was secretly recorded and quietly tucked into a file at Land Management, meant to lay there undisturbed until Apuron's successor came along (should he not be Neo) and might want to do something else with the property. 

Apuron's defenders say that there was nothing secret about it because instruments affecting land titles are public records. Yes, it was a public record, which is why we were eventually able to find it. But we had to dig deep to do it. And then we had to hire a real estate attorney to dig into the document itself to find out what the document really did.

From its language to its intent to its recording and filing, everything about the Deed Restriction was clandestine. And THIS is where we see Apuron's true crime against the people of the Archdiocese of Agana. Not that he gave away a major piece of the patrimony of the Church which he was required by his office to guard in trust (though he did that), but because he HID his actions from the people he was consecrated to shepherd and protect.

THIS is the CRIME of Anthony S. Apuron. He hid, he hid, he hid. 

And little did he know that when he secretly authorized that transaction in November of 2011, and hid it "safely" away in the bowels of the Department of Land Management, that a year and half later he himself would have to hide. And he hides, still. 


  1. Has Archbishop Byrnes discussed the RMS fiasco with Msgr. David C. Quitugua, aka "Lurch"? Lurch is one of the main reasons why we continue to withhold our financial assistance to the Archdiocese of Agana.

    1. I found out personally that there is much we think Byrnes knows that he doesn't...yet. I am encouraged by his quick action to remove Quitugua from the college of consultors once I published his rap sheet. Quitugua is playing the role of simply someone who was taking orders. It's going to harder to root him out of his hole. He has covered himself with several layers of bullshit including the trained lawyer. I am confident that Byrnes will move forward based on the correct information now that he has seen what happens when he lets certain people run things. He's learning. Fast.

    2. If Archbishop Byrnes takes the appropriate action and shuts down the RMS in Guam, he will incur the wrath of the NCW, that will use their "contacts" to undermine and destroy him.

    3. They already are, which is why we don't need the SNAP shitheads shooting at him too.

  2. The one quality of all mankind that I value the most is the truth! The shepherds of our church need to be truthful and honest with their flock.
    How can we teach this to our children when they see what is happening and the adults are being dishonest?
    Nothing about the Catholic Church should be secret. That is why everything is published and announced. In the age of the Internet, we can find nearly every reference material online to view- the bible, readings, CCC, GIRM, prayers, rosary, divine office, etc.....
    Many even have online videos.
    But nothing in regards to the teachings of the Neochatechumenal way- big red flag here.
    If I were truly to start a new evangelization in this time (or if I had one). You must go on the Internet. This is the best way to attract young people. And young people want to be able to go on the Internet and find out more information.
    But the shepherds of the ncw probably don't want the young. They want the manamco. They are older, used to being told things, are not as savy on the Internet, they are closer to passing on any inheritance to the group (most likely forced to do this). Hence why they are so upset about the picket line.
    If they are an evangelization, why are they recruiting in our churches? Why are they not out in the homeless areas? Homeless = no money.
    Why are they not sponsoring activities that lead our people back to the mother church? Instead of discussing the faithfulness of couples and making them admit it in their community, why not start programs for married couples or young adults about relationships? If they see how the porn industry is devastating families, why not start lobbying for change of laws, make it more strict. No, they want you to admit to your use of it to the group. As a teacher, I can tell you the free and easy accessibility to porn is and will be a huge problem with our youth and we are doing nothing about it. What about programs in chastity?
    The ncw is all about control, blackmail and money.
    How did Mother Theresa live, in poverty with her people. How does kiko live- high and mighty.
    Every person has some type of skeleton in their closet. Kiko knows this and exploits it and profits from it.
    This is why it all went wrong for Apuron.
    If he was truthful and acknowledging his sins, we as a people would see this and become better. What did we see? Apuron throw out falsities, hide, dodge, run.
    A true shepherd would not abandon his sheep. He would weather the storm with them. He would calm them down, talk with them, ask for forgiveness and do what is truly right and just.
    Be responsible, be a role model.
    All we want is the truth. The truth. The truth.
    But he is brainwashed into hiding the truth because if it was public information, that is bad for blackmail.
    The truth is what we all must focus on in our lives.
    The truth will set our heart and our mind free. No hiding needed.

  3. This weekend, our parish announced that extra funding are being assessed to all parishes. One thing that the priest mentioned, which got under my skin, was that "we (meaning the people), should not be pointing fingers." Well.....truth needs to prevail and the responsibles brought to justice. Where the hell is the money the lurch stole? If you want the people to help, justice is the key. For goodness sake....are we really that stupid to let this go????? Wait a minute.....don't answer that.

  4. " ... They want the manamco. They are older, used to being told things ... "

    Back in '86 being a "people of the ear" seemed a novelty. 90 % of our intake were what you call "manamco". Our two most vulnerable members were filtered out by NLP-like methods at the "second scrutiny" (they didn't "tick the right boxes"), one hung on because his brother could give him lifts (and frankly our membership in that town was probably better company than the NCW average) while I hung on because I fancy myself as an "original" thinker and made of "stern" stuff LOL !!!

    So if, in the eleven years before our bishop disavowed the outfit as he was entitled, it wasn't doing what it said on the tin ("inserting those on the margins into the church"), it certainly won't be doing any better now, 20 years later.

  5. RMS is a snake with more than one head. It's a Medusa.

  6. Like the devil himself and his NCW spawn, venomous snakes and killer pythons are impossible to exterminate. You might be able to thin out their ranks for a short while, but their hidden nests always survive intact. Certain species will even swim through sewers and into home toilets.

    The worst case I ever heard of happened in a Western US desert region several years ago. Someone built a luxurious home there, but it sat directly over a labryinth of underground rattlesnakes' nests no one was aware of. The beautiful house was hopelessly overtaken by the deadly snakes. The owner moved out and the house was dynamited into oblivion. The vacant lot had to be permanently abandoned. The hardy rattlesnakes recovered and are still nesting there.