Thursday, July 6, 2017


Posted by Tim

SNAP continues to make an ass out of itself in trying to pretend that they matter. In the release today by SNAP Regional Leader, Joelle Casteix - an apparent knee jerk to Archbishop Byrnes' call for a Year of Reparation, Casteix says: 
The only way that the Archdiocese can now make amends is to stop fighting victims in the civil courts, cooperating completely with civil authorities, and turning over and making public all evidence of child sex abuse and cover-up in their secret personnel files. 
As usual, she doesn't know what the hell she's talking about. 

First, it was the CCOG which recommended the Year of Reparation. We understand that this is more than just a fight for justice. This is a fight against Satan: Spiritual Warfare. We need our spiritual leaders to be the generals in that war, and Byrnes accepted the challenge. 

Second, there is no fight in civil courts. The challenge to the constitutionality of the law was a vestige of the Hon administration that has now been abandoned. 

Archbishop Byrnes has taken the lead in owning up to all the evil of his predecessors and has backed an alternative to the courts that will be more charitable and probably more equitable for the victims. 

Hope and Healing, the initiative that Casteix and her SNAP pals consistently love to trash will do what the courts cannot do:
  • protect the anonymity of the victim if they so choose
  • honor the victims' right to take their cases to court if they choose not to use H&H
  • consume less financial resources so there is more left for the actual victims
  • provide an opportunity for victims' cases to be reviewed by a true panel of experts and not random members of a jury
  • move the cases at lightning speed compared to the courts so that victims don't have to spend months or even years being re-traumatized

And Hope and Healing will offer to make public the files of those who have been found by the H&H panel to be liable if the victim so wishes. (Note: the only cases which for sure will not be settled out of court will be the Apuron cases. Apuron will be put on trial. Walter Denton personally will see to that.)

The whole process is completely VICTIM CENTERED, where as the courts, the way SNAP wants to go, is lawyer centered...which says everything you need to know about SNAP. 

Casteix goes on:
Coadjutor Archbishop Byrnes must stop putting the burden of amends on the laity—that burden must sit squarely on the shoulders of church officials and their attorneys. Prayers are for those without the immediate power to enact change. Coadjutor Byrnes has the immediate power to enact change in the courts, open files, stop wrongdoing, and hold those who committed or covered up child sex abuse accountable.
This is idiotic. ALL OF THE BURDEN is ALREADY "on the laity," regardless. It is the LAITY who must pay the bill either way. "Church officials" won't pay a dime. And "their attorneys?????" Huh? We, the LAITY have to pay for them too. 

Byrnes has NO power to enact any "change in the courts." What a stupid statement. And as far as opening files goes, that is exactly what is already happening in Hope and Healing while the court drags its feet with judges recusing themselves and fighting over whether the cases will go to the District Court or Superior Court.

And "stopping wrongdoing?" Within hours of our sending the rap sheet on David C. Quitugua to Byrnes, Quitugua was removed from the College of Consultors. Once Byrnes has the fact, he acts. He doesn't hide. 

Joelle's problem is that she takes her cues from a certain discredited priest and isn't smart enough to look beyond the surface of anything other than what fits her own fiction. 


  1. Tim bulldoze them all down containing them in a pile and get them out of the way. As for the other blog a commentator dated July 5, 2017 at 10:14 AM says "Diana I think that hon is telling Timmy what's going on in Rome and spying on us back there because he keeps on saying a Vatican insider tells him things" Dude, God's Words are true, never "I think".

    1. LOL. Hon hates me. I made his life hell on earth while he was here in Guam and he was glad to get out of here. All you have to do is click on the label with his name in the sidebar and see how I tore him apart day after day since the day he set foot on Guam. Actually, my vatican insider is the pope's butler. LOL

  2. She never got my support as I knew what her parameters were. I knew sne was not able to offer much which I quickly discovered. She is undesired baggage since and still now. You need to go away Joelle, there aren't any credits for you.

  3. If it was CCOG who recommended the idea of year of reparation then why weren't they at mass tonight. Sad yo5 say but the attendance was poor. Seems neither side wants to unite.

    1. So you went to Mass and counted people? Might as well have stayed home. LOL.

  4. Joelle Casteix doesn't know anything about Guam's tragic situation. What she does know well is the US Mainland abuse scene and she wrongly applies metrics from that to Guam.

    1. She's in cahoots with a certain AWOL cleric and she doesn't even know how to not make it so obvious. The joke's on her.