Sunday, August 13, 2017


Posted by Tim
Canonist warns Church oversight of troubled lay groups has ‘no teeth’

My note: 

While we struggle to figure out how we are going to compensate, counsel, and otherwise try to restore to the bosom of the Church what are possibly hundreds of sex abuse victims in our own tiny diocese, our church leadership is simply asking for more and possibly bigger trouble by permitting the Neocatechumenal Way to operate essentially in an unaccountable way

Thanks to Apuron, several neocat presbyters, incardinated in this diocese, are roaming the earth unattended and unaccounted for. "Apuron is my bishop," they retort, in defiance to first Archbishop Hon and then Archbishop Byrnes. 

And while we may not know where they are or what they are doing, we will sure enough find out when a law suit from some other diocese or country shows up in our mail because some out-of-control, uneducated, neocat-manufactured presbyter (e.g. The Waldo) does something really stupid. 

This is why diocesan priests are supposed to be stable: i.e. dwelling and working in the diocese they are incardinated in, and not roaming the earth as some stupid imitation of a "missionary." 

To make matters ever more dangerous, these presbyter missionaries mix with lay people and their families in their so-called missionary teams and often live and work together in situations that are just trouble waiting to happen, especially since they are out of sight of any true ecclesial authority. 

There are already so many massive problems with the NCW involving its theology, its liturgical praxis, the unaccounted for flow of cash, and frankly, their unabashed affront to legitimate ecclesial authority, that the potential for millions of more dollars in law suits because of guys like Waldo Gone Wild, is why we - the people who ultimately have to pay for those law suits -  MUST demand an end to the NCW in this diocese.

In addition, we have to deal with the mess already made by Apuron and his band of boys who have grown up to be roving time bombs waiting to happen. We must demand that our church leadership find a way to canonically release them from this diocese - even if no other bishop wants them - so that we, the laity, are not on the hook for these unaccountable misfits for the rest of their lives. 

And until this happens, I do NOT see the good people of this diocese giving a wit to open their wallets and purses to set things right financially once again. 


  1. I received this by email earlier today and totally agree.

    Church oversight of loose cannons like the NCW is toothless by choice. The amount of latitude these freak outfits are given determines how much they pay into Rome's bottomless coffers. In diabolic Kiko's case, that's a helluva lot!

  2. I won't give any financial support to this diocese until all the neos are disbanded from this diocese. They have used and abused the finances of this once thriving diocese to benifit themselves and their kiko leaders. Just take a look at David and tricky dick and their merry band of neofollowers. Or Adrian and we the parishioners who paid for his canon law school when there are real aspiring young men who actually want to follow their calling to be a priest but were denied because of their brother tony insisting that they instead join the RMS or no funding will be afforded to them. Our local young men being denied is insane and there is no excuse to deny them but yet fund everyone else from the farthest countries just to justify their group and push them out into the Catholic Church as if it's a rush to their vocation.

    1. You are correct. These presbyters ordained for Guam really do not have Guam ministry in mind. They merely needed a bishop benevolent to their cause in order to multiply their numbers and be itinerants, along with seemingly abundant blossoming of vocations or "fruits," to placate and bribe the Vatican to endorse their existence.Then an opportunity opend up wherein they could acquire and usurp the Archdiocesan Seminary to complete the takeover. In the meantime, local vocations that did not buy into the neo-lies became a pesky annoyance. They were squelched by the Vocation Director himself who had also acted as the NCW emissary and dealmaker. He eschewed anyrhing that did not smell like a neo-donut.

  3. The Archdiocese of Agana has to be very sensitive to the concerns of the Catholic faithful. Their questions have to be answered in full detail in public, through the media and/or the Umatuna, and until the faithful are satisfied. Only then will Archbishop Byrnes see the power of the local faithful, and their generosity, in helping solve the problems the Archdiocese is now facing. Taxing the students is not going to solve any problem; ignoring our concerns is even worse. What are these concerns? Read the Jungle Watch blog where questions are being asked. Then answer them.

  4. Looks like this NEO Cult Presbyter Factory is here to stay. From the NEO Cult Zombie at the Dungbats latest blog:

    AnonymousAugust 13, 2017 at 11:29 AM
    RMS forms priests for the future of Holy Mother Church.
    It forms young men to the mind and heart of Jesus Christ. Men who are obedient to Mother Church. This is a great blessing to the life Mission of the Church. Opportunties to help young people follow our Lord. This new group of priests will perhaps not repeat errors of the past.