Friday, August 18, 2017


A Guam Daily Post headline recently read "Attorney: Apuron wants his ‘day in court.’ "

That sounds kind of ominous doesn't it?

Sounds like Apuron is demanding to face down his accusers and then come striding back into Guam on a white horse to reclaim his kingly throne.

I'm sure such a headline sent the Apuron-ee's, The Diana's, and the Tricky Dick crowd into thralls of ecstasy. 

But then the subheading to the article says this: "Judge will hear motion to dismiss.

So obviously Apuron does NOT want his day in court. He's trying to get off on a technicality. He wants the cases dismissed. 

In other words: HE DOES NOT WANT TO FACE DOWN HIS ACCUSERS. He does not want to look them in the eye. He does not want to see the faces of Walter Denton, Roy Quintanilla, and Roland Sondia. In short:


If Apuron was innocent of these charges, he should be DEMANDING a full trial with accusers and everyone present, including the worldwide press that has now taken notice.

But he's not. 

Instead he cowers behind the "trained lawyer" just as he was found cowering in San Francisco hiding in the home of the Vice President of the Bank of Guam, and places all his hope in the dismissal of his cases.

There is only ONE reason for Apuron's wanting those cases dismissed, and I believe we all know what it is. 


  1. A disgusting Monster.....that's what he is. SMFH. Apurun......You are just chicken s***.

  2. Apu-run case dismissed? Hell, NO! Justice must be served, and as a "leader" for thirty years, he has to face any irresponsibility and abuse of position. As a human being, he has to dispute the allegations of abuse and injustice. If he has nothing to hide, then he has nothing to fear. To relinquish the talking to his lawyer is utter rubbish, even implies an admission of guilt.

  3. Apuron is the lowest form of human life. Any Judge who acquits him is also a criminal psychopath and he or she should be disbarred!

  4. What low life person would use his authority as a man of God to prey on innocent children. Apuron, and all his cronies like Quitugua, Adrian, and approvers like Claros and Tenorio are just as quilty as Bro. Ton is. To return him to office will be a slap in the faces of the victims he abused, and the faithful of the Curch in Guam. I say defrock them all..

  5. Playing devil's advocate for a moment:

    Your honor this new law is unfair. I played by the rules. After abusing children I kept quiet and let the statute of limitations run its course. I was safe from any prosecution (criminal or civil) and no one could get me. Then these "rabble-rousers" went and got the government to change the law. This is absolutely unfair! I should not be held accountable for my actions once the time limit has expired. You must declare the law unconstitutional.

  6. Tim - don't be so sure Apurun won't come back to try something. I just saw the BOG VP's husband here on Guam, JQ. And he and Apurun are always attached at the hip. It wouldn't surprise me if Apurun himself was here.

    Apurun alert - we need to keep an eye out for the beast. If seen, lock your kids inside, seal all windows, and call for an exorcist.

    1. Believe me. I know exactly what they're up to, which is why I haven't let up. As mentioned in an earlier post, the neocat hierarchy could care less about Apuron, they only care about their international heretical syndicate. And they understand that if Apuron goes down, bishops around the world will be emboldened to ban the neo-fungus from their dioceses. So they are pulling out all the stops. We are in for a Battle of the Bulge.

    2. Apu-run is a nobody. Why would we lock up our kids and seal the windows? We have nothing to be ashamed about. If ever, it is Apu-run that has to hide and skulk like a common criminal that he is. Our children must raise their heads up high and know that nobody will dare take advantage of them now given the awareness we have of sexual predators. Caution must still be paramount but predators the likes of Apu-run should not dictate our actions or imprison us in fear.

    3. While Apuron may be hiding, the predators are still there, and in your Catholic school classrooms. Oh, and at family BBQ's.

    4. If the BOG VP's husband was seen on Guam, chances are she's there too...and for much more than a summer vacation.

      My guess: She's angling for the BOG's purchase of RMS and all of the other disposable archdiocesan properties. With no credit problems, they can easily afford it and Byrnes is desperate for cash. Unless he gets a better offer from someone else, he can't refuse the BOG's payment of asking prices without being sued for discrimination.

      The BOG will sell all of the properties to the NCW as soon as ink on their Title Deeds dries. If that happens, the Archdiocese is officially dead meat. Apuron will move to RMS like a latter-day Nero and laughingly hold court there until he the day he croaks. If you haven't already noticed, satanic pedophile priests tend to live well into their 80's and 90's.

    5. True. You're not the first person to suspect this scenario. Apuron and people within BOG have been joined at the pelvis for a very long time, and it's why Apuron shied away from the abortion issue after 1990, as the current president of BOG is the island's leading abortion advocate.

      However, said president is currently running for Governor, and while she will try to divorce her BOG activities from her campaign, any entry into an Apuron friendly business deal, even the appearance of one, will have major repercussions for her campaign and her family's bank.

    6. I doubt that because money is the only thing that talks. Both Guam and the Archdiocese need tons of it just to keep their heads above water.

      Between her and all of the Judges recusing themselves from the abuse trials, someone very influential knows that Apuron will return to Guam exonerated by the Vatican. Wily power brokers will hedge their bets with the NCW-controlled BOG to insure their personal fortunes and longevity.

  7. Janet B - MangilaoAugust 18, 2017 at 3:58 PM

    Jack-a$$ Jackie Terlaje urged the court to proceed with her client's cases. "I think it is important for Apuron to have his day in court,". Oh, and by the way, we demand you dismiss the cases, so my client can NEVER have his day in court.

    So funny, you couldn't make this stuff up. You just wait in anticipation for the next ridiculous statement to come from their mouths.

    "The longer this case is delayed, the higher risk my client will die with this case hanging over his head," Terlaje said.

    Yup. We didn't have to wait long for that one. Just a few paragraphs later.

    But don't worry dear Jackie. I'll keep that wretched, sick monster alive if I have to keep him on life support myself, just so he can witness the final verdict, and make sure none of his wealth remains in his estate.

    Poor Apurun has been broke spiritually for many decades. Let's make sure he is completely broke temporally before he leaves this world!

    1. "The longer this case is delayed, the higher risk my client will die with this case hanging over his head," Terlaje said.

      Yes, it didn't matter to Apuron that Roy, Walter and Roland and who knows how many others would die with the memory of his violation of their bodies hanging over their heads.

    2. The longer Apuron's case is delayed, the more likely he will be acquitted by both canonical and civil Courts.

      The diabolic statute of limitations was written and enacted by pedophiles for their own protection. Extremely powerful, it nullified thousands of credible abuse cases on the US Mainland.

    3. Yes, the strategy is to wait this out. Apuron has constantly counted on the good graces of the Chamorro people. It's worked for him all these years. It remains to be seen whether those graces have been worn out.

    4. Apuron is evil, not stupid. His stolen fortune doesn't reside in a transparent estate. It's well hidden in blind trusts and other tax-exempt vehicles set up by his NCW protectors at the BOG.

    5. His evil has made him stupid. I've looked in his eyes and seen the blank that evil leaves. However, he has more than smart handlers.