Friday, August 18, 2017


Guam's church opposes Yvonne Elliman's show at Catholic school gala after drug arrest

PACIFIC DAILY NEWS: Grammy-winning singer Yvonne Elliman-Alexander's charity concert on Saturday will go on as planned despite the Catholic church's opposition, said Mike Phillips, her attorney.  CONTINUED


Make no mistake. This is simply just more of Apuron's legacy. A paragraph later in the story tells us why:

The Mount Carmel Alumni and Endowment Foundation is a nonprofit organization contracted to manage the Agat school more than seven years ago after the archdiocese decided it would close the school, the archdiocese said. The unique arrangement placed the legal authority to operate the school under the foundation, the archdiocese said. 
While Apuron pumped millions into his pet seminary and trotted about the globe with his boys in tow, Catholic parishes and schools have struggled and languished. And Apuron's answer was to close them. 

And while I applaud what is essentially the private sector coming together to save the school, and even further applaud them for separating it from Apuron's control, Mt. Carmel has become essentially an autonomous private school and not a "Catholic" school, which is why its governance can thumb its nose at the "archdiocese." 

So a couple of notes here.

First. It sure would be nice if the "archdiocese" stops saying "archdiocese," and require someone to actually put his or her name to the damn statements. But then he or she could be held accountable, and apparently our "archdiocese" is just not there yet.

Second. It would be even better if the press STOPPED running with unsigned and nameless press releases from an "it," and demand that a real person be quoted.

Third. How appropriate that this fiasco is connected with, guess where? Agat, the scene of Apuron's other crimes. 

Fourth. The "archdiocese" is a bunch of wimps and losers if all "they" do is say "they" oppose the concert. Canon law gives the bishop the authority to demand that Mount Carmel Catholic School remove the word "Catholic" from its name: 
Can. 216 " undertaking is to claim the name Catholic without the consent of competent ecclesiastical authority."
(Note: Archbishop Byrnes was off island until yesterday, so he probably had nothing to do with the statement. However, let's hope he takes control now.)

On a personal note, I am extremely saddened by these events. Like many my age, we fell in love with "Mary Magdalene" in "Jesus Christ Superstar." (I never followed her disco career.) 

But Yvonne Elliman is not "Mary Magdalene," nor is she "Yvonne Elliman - celebrity." She is just another person who broke the law.  And one wonders if what she did is any worse than those who insist "the show must go on," given WHO the show is for. 

Meanwhile, "archdiocese," stop talking and DO SOMETHING.

For further reading on the issue of the school's name, go here

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