Wednesday, August 16, 2017

PNC: Stateside law firms withdraw as church’s legal counsels

Guam – The stateside legal counsel for the Archdiocese of Agana has made a request to withdraw as attorneys of record for the church.

The request comes amid talks of moving forward with settlement negotiations between the scores of sex abuse victims and the archdiocese. Attorneys Mary McNamara and Britt Evangelist of the law firm Swanson & McNamara, LLP, and Paul Gaspari and Daniel Zamora, of the law firm Weintraub | Tobin, filed the request Tuesday as an unopposed motion. CONTINUED


  1. Probably not enough money payable to Superlawyers like them.

    1. This firm is a left over from the Hon administration. Hon was hoodwinked into hiring them by an "officious intermeddler" because of their history with David Lujan. The nearly HALF A BILLION in lawsuits our diocese faces right now is due specifically to Lujan's outrage over Hon's hiring of this firm. Meanwhile, this firm collected a cool $800k from you and me by doing absolutely JACK-NOTHING other than plunge the diocese into the half a billion in lawsuits. Thank the "officious intermeddler" for that. You won't have to look to far to figure out who he is.

    2. You Tim who started this!

    3. Started what? Exposing Apuron's crimes? Why, yes. Yes I did. LOL.

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