Thursday, August 10, 2017


GUAM DAILY POST: Concerned Catholics: Freeloaders should pay
PACIFIC DAILY NEWS: Concerned Catholics says Neocatechumenal Way should help pay church debts
KUAM: Dave Sablan to seminary occupants: pay rent or get out


  1. I agree with dave sablan. These neo freeloaders need to pay rent. Starting with David that lurch!!! The Catholic parishioners and students shouldn't pay for the archdiocese mess as long as these neoidiots still don't put their fair share and are just riding off the rest of our hard earned income.

  2. Time to put an end to their free-loading ways and days! When have the NEO's EVER contributed a dime to the parishes or Archdiocese? Their black trash bag collections went only to their masters. Under Apurun, they had free reign. They used the assets of the church yet never paid a dime for the anything. 31 people paying fair market value to rent rooms in the former hotel will make a nice dent in the Archdiocese debt. Dave Sablan, don't let this go please!!!

  3. How can they pay if the diocese (as shown in the Umatuna) stoped paying as of September 2016? Even the priests do not receive their salary that is "required by Church law"

    1. The archdiocese stopped funding RMS because your beloved Tony broke the archdiocese's bank accounts and because it was proven by the ad hoc committee that RMS was not a seminary FOR the Archdiocese of Agana, but only IN the Archdiocese of Agana, and constituted to produce only priests "formed according to the life and practice of the Neocatechumenal Way," distinguishing RMS from an authentic diocesan seminary. Plus your brave leader Tricky Dick said RMS doesn't need our money.

      Canon Law only requires dioceses to support priests incardinated in the diocese. Most of the priests teaching at RMS are NOT incardinated in the diocese and thus are NOT entitled to a diocesan stipend. They are to be paid by RMS, and according to Tricky Dick, RMS has its own sources of money. So as long as you are paying for these fake "Jesus is a sinner" teachers, you might as well pay us rent.

      Also, for the "on mission" priests (LOL), they refused to return Archbishop Hon's calls for their whereabouts, thus they were pronounced AWOL and cut from the diocesan payroll.

    2. That's right, tricky Dick said they don't need our money. So, if they have money in the coffer, then they ought to PAY . End of story.

      Things gave been handed out on a silver platter for free where the NEO is concerned. FREE tuition for missionary children, free lights and air conditioning for their Sat. celebrations and their weekly catechetical classes. FREE, FREE, FREE!

      Maybe it's time for them to do their retreat at Malojloj. I'm sure it would be cheaper than the luxuries offered at the hotel. The mission da,I lies can cook for them and the communities can donated the food! I'm sure someone is willing to give away nice China for their agape.

      This would be a big test for them!

  4. Taotaomona Gonna pinch Tricky Dick's arse down at Malojloj! Steer clear. Nobody wants Neos down here.