Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Following is a letter to the editor from another SNAP turd. My comments in RED

SNAP: Our goal is to expose the abuses in Guam

Dear editor,

After months of unfounded and defamatory rants against our organization – and especially our volunteer leader Joelle Casteix – we felt it was time to respond to Mr. Tim Rohr's latest attack: his Aug. 7 letter to the editor published in The Guam Daily Post. [If the SNAP turd took the time, she would see that I had nothing to say about Casteix until she and her little friend from Anderson and Associates began attacking everything I spent four years working for. I'll explain at the end.]

In the ugly personal attacks that Mr. Rohr has decided to pursue, the public may not see something very important: Joelle Casteix is first and foremost a survivor of child sexual abuse. She is a wife and mother. She is a volunteer who reaches out to help Guam's victims for no financial gain. She does the work that she does because she wants to make sure that what happened to her doesn't happen to anyone else. [LOL. I have only attacked what Casteix is doing. I don't know anything about her personal life and I DON'T CARE. The SNAP turd doesn't know what I am a survivor of because I didn't make it a career like Casteix. Such fools.]

Joelle was invited to come to Guam in 2009 by another survivor who asked for help. Her goals were simple: help other survivors come forward, stop abuse and expose wrongdoers. She funded the trip herself, and was at first – by Mr. Rohr's own admission – "publicly hounded" by him ( [And she went home empty handed because she was completely ineffective.]

But she did not hold a grudge.

Providing help, no questions asked

In 2016, when Mr. Rohr needed her help, she was there, no questions asked. On his request, she did radio interviews, checked out Apuron's relatives' houses in Orange County, worked with his contacts, provided him research and gave lists of all of her contacts who were willing to do work pro bono. She was available 24/7, to him and anyone who needed her. She still is.

Joelle does not deserve the public verbal abuse that Mr. Rohr is heaping upon her. Nor does SNAP. [Except for the fact that Casteix and the SNAP turd's organization is undermining absolutely everything we are trying to do. I'll get to that.]

SNAP has been helping survivors of sexual abuse for almost 30 years. We are a thriving organization, with 20,000 members globally. [Yes, you help them find lawyers to sue our church, who in turn, donate to you and keep your fat cats fat.]

Mr. Rohr is not a survivor – he was and is a church insider. [LOL. First the SNAP turd does not know if I am a survivor or not. Second, " a church insider?" LOL. No one on this island is more hated by the church insiders than me. What a freak! LOL.]

He has never attended a SNAP meeting. He has never spoken to a board member. He hasn't helped us write any of the grants that sustain us and help us create new support meetings, broaden our mission and help more survivors. He is not on the list of the almost 200 attendees of our upcoming national conference in Washington, D.C. – the largest global gathering of its kind. [Oh, so now we see what we knew all along. SNAP wants to be IT. You see, you're nobody if you're not one of them. And that's what's driving them crazy. What's happening on Guam is the biggest story in the history of clergy sex abuse and it's driving the SNAP turds crazy that they are nothing more than onlookers. Note to SNAP TURD: We don't need your damn group.]

I have been a SNAP board member for six years. I became board chairperson in 2016. I joined the organization to find support when my son committed suicide after being sexually abused by a priest.

It's time to end the attacks [And here you are attacking. LOL. Stay the hell out of our business, SNAP TURDS.]

It is time for Mr. Rohr to end his attacks against SNAP and figure out who his real enemy is. His enemy certainly isn't Joelle – a volunteer, wife and mother – and it isn't me – the mother of a son who committed suicide after being sexually abused. Nor is it SNAP. [Oh, boo hoo. How pathetic. And here you are trying to tell me who the real enemy is. Too funny. You're late for the party, freaks.]

However, we do not hold grudges. We are willing to work with anyone who wants to help victims. Even Mr. Rohr. [Yes, we know who you are working with. That's why we don't want your snotty noses in our business. Find some other diocese to dick around with.]

Name-calling has never saved a single child. Our only goals are to expose the abuses in Guam, clean up the church and make sure that what happened there never happens again. Joelle has been doing it for Guam's survivors for free since 2009. [Ummm, I can't even respond. That is so contrary to reality that it defies a response. You're as as bad as the PDN in USA today, trying to pretend they're the Boston Globe. Incredible. Where can I contribute to the people suing you?]

Mary Ellen Kruger is volunteer board chairperson of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) in St. Louis, Missouri.


Along the way, when I (Tim Rohr) was pretty much working all alone, I was willing to see what Casteix and SNAP could do for us. I soon found out. NOTHING. So I proceeded to work alone until I found people who could do SOMETHING. 

And now, after several years of extremely dirty, expensive, exhausting, and even dangerous work by a very few people who were willing to do it, Casteix and SNAP ride into town shooting down everything we have worked for. And I think I know why. 

First, Casteix, SNAP, and their little friend Patrick Wall over at Anderson & Associates, the arch-super-Catholic-hater, have sought to undermine the only process that can achieve our goal: Apuron's removal as Archbishop of Agana. They undermine our goal by constantly attacking the only process that can achieve it: Apuron's canonical trial. 

Let me say this again. The civil law cannot hurt Apuron. It cannot find him guilty. It cannot send him to jail. And most of all, it CANNOT remove him as Archbishop of Agana. Only Rome can do that. 

Casteix and SNAP have been so vicious about their attack on Apuron's trial that I'm beginning to wonder if they are not in collusion with Apuron, because everything they are doing, if they get their way, will end up in Apuron being restored to power. 

This is especially true with the last installment of their attack, for which they were able to find willing and naive accomplices in the local media. Their attack on the notary for the tribunal could essentially hand Apuron all he needs to declare a mistrial. Even the SNAP turds' accomplice, Patrick Wall, confirmed this:
Wall said, "So that will be very interesting to see if Archbishop Apuron's attorneys - canonical attorneys - challenge the canonical process now."
And given what U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Joaquin Manibusan told Apuron's attorney on June 13, there may be no civil consequences for Apuron at all:
Terlaje told the judge the outcome of the canonical trial would impact the direction of the civil cases. Manibusan said he's inclined to give more time to Terlaje's client to decide whether to participate in the settlement process, pending the canonical trial.
It's obvious that Judge Manibusan is giving great weight to the outcome of Apuron's canonical trial, and SNAP just handed Apuron the "ammunition" (as KUAM put it) to blow up the trial. 

So what then do you think Judge Manibusan is going to do? 

And when you combine this with Apuron's attempt to have his cases dismissed altogether on a technicality, what do we have left?

We only have the hope Rome will do the right thing. And of course, failing that. We have ourselves. We will continue this war if we have to. 

But SNAP has now joined Apuron in raping and molesting this diocese all over again. 

Meanwhile, Casteix and SNAP have another target: mediation, particularly Hope and Healing. Mediation, settling out of court, is the only hope of saving our churches and schools. If that fails, then the Archdiocese goes into bankruptcy and all the property is then at the mercy of a bankruptcy judge. 

Casteix and SNAP are all about sue, sue, sue! They want to see us punished, NOT Apuron. As already demonstrated, they are working to get Apuron off the hook, and forcing us, the people in the pews, the people already raped an pillaged by Apuron and his evil thugs, to pay for his damage. 

It was WE, the people on the streets, who made that law lifting the statute of limitations happen, because it was the only way we could force church authorities to take responsibility. The new leadership under Byrnes HAS taken that responsibility and has stated that law or no law, he is going to personally see to it that victims are compensated and cared for. 

So, now, why are Casteix and SNAP so interested in our situation? Hmmmm. I can see a scenario that after SNAP undermines any hope for mediation (as Apuron and his attorney now are doing), lawyers for the plaintiffs move forward into court, where local lawyers will need the help of bigger firms, and VOILA: SNAP's pals!

The problem for the local attorneys is that all of these cases have been taken on contingency. This means that the lawyers for the plaintiffs are bankrolling the costs up front. Legal proceedings could take years, costing even mega-lawyers like Lujan more money than he is willing to part with. 

It would be easy then for the stateside super-firms, like SNAP's pals, to swoop in and bankroll the law suits...with a nice payoff for themselves...and of course, more "donations" for SNAP. 

My comment at the Daily Post:

The question is: Why is SNAP trying so hard to matter? They say their goal is to expose the abuses in Guam. That's funny. We, the regular people of the Archdiocese of Agana did that, without the help of "grants, meetings, or some stupid national conference in Washington." LOL. The truth is that what is going on in the Archdicoese of Agana is the biggest news in the history of clergy sex abuse and SNAP isn't part of it. And if it wasn't for a sychophant media (not this paper) running to them for comment because they're easy to get a comment from, SNAP would NOT be news. 


  1. What does idiot SNAP mean that their mission is to expose abuse on Guam?

    Jungle Watch has been noisily publicizing Apuron's 30 years of abuses non-stop for well over a year! They're responsible for getting the fat pervert disgraced and put out of commission! Guam doesn't want or need interference from meddling outsiders.

  2. It's possible that SNAP was just waiting around to see how much Guam's abuse cases could be worth to them and to their law firm-business partners. Now that that around 100 claims exceed $530 million and a probably anti-Catholic California Judge is assigned to the case, making a move is worthwhile.

    There's no guarantee that Guam's victims will agree to being bought off for pennies and a toll-free counseling line in New Jersey. Waving $3 billion in abuse settlements US Mainland insurers paid, I wouldn't be surprised if SNAP talks some of the victims into being represented by Superlawyers like Anderson. As opposed to Lujan, they have gargantuan track records and bulletproof credibility where pedophile priests are concerned. More importantly, they know how to make diocesan insurance carriers quickly settle out of Court.

    1. Agreed. SNAP suddenly showed an interest after the law suits got to the half a billion mark. And yes, SNAP is probably already recruiting victims for the superlawyers given several of the comments I received and chose not to post.

      However, Guam has neither the insurance money nor even the property assets to make a long court battle worth anybody's while given that the proceeds would be spread out over hundreds of victims plus attorneys. I say hundreds because there are many who have gone direct to Hope and Healing as well as to the Vatican.

    2. BTW, the toll free line connects direct to local counselors.

  3. Excellent analysis, Tim. I agree. After reading all the past and current comments of these two ladies from SNAP and reading some of the comments from Wall, the attorney, it begs the question: Why are they not supporting Hope & Healing. Mike Caspino is a proven professional in the area of settling claims fairly. He is also an attorney. He is not preventing anyone from going to court if they wish. He is only interested in helping victims with counseling and settling any monetary claims. Archbishop Byrnes is a sincere person who wants to put all of these problems behind us. But yet, Casteix and her organization are always opining for more lawsuits. They are coming here to Guam to bury the Archdiocese of Agana, which is our organization. So, Ms. Casteix and SNAP, we have good solutions and a new Archbishop to help our victims achieve justice. So, no need for you to even comment on our situation if you are really interested in helping the victims of clergy sex abuse, rather than being more interested in burying the Archdiocese of Agana.