Friday, November 7, 2014


The following comment was made about Fr. Mike Crisostomo from an obviously English language challenged person (maybe even a new presbyter?):

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "FR. MIKE KICK'S SOME EVIL A___ ON FACEBOOK":  
Mike Crisostomo, practice what you preach hunny... I know what goes behind close door.. put it this way I KNOW TOO much of you and initials D.S, from Umatac. Stop walking as if your holly cause you know your sins... no one is perfect ok. You hide and preach behind those gowns you wear.. Stop faking it and be real... lol... Your too funny that it stinks.. 

FR. MIKE RESPONDS: "Apparently I am ruffling a few feathers from above that are perhaps insecure in their positions. This issue was brought up in a meeting a couple of years ago with the Archbishop and the Vicar General. I was questioned about the relationship and my reply then remains as it is now: "I can't have close and intimate friends as a priest?" I am not afraid of this comment. I will continue to do what I am called to do. The person who made this comment is a coward. I challenge him, like the others, to reveal himself. My family and close friends stand with me and I am confident we will endure this storm."

MY NOTE: There were two other people at the meeting. I know them both. Neither would have spread false rumors about Fr. Mike. So that leaves the Archbishop and the Vicar General who could have borne this "false witness against thy neighbor." And given the lies, slander, calumny, and false witness we have seen from the chancery over this past year, we can be sure that this lie about Fr. Mike is coming from the same source. Also, given the ESL nature of the comment (e.g. "your holly cause") we can easily assume that the Archbishop and the Vicar General have borne this "false witness" against Fr. Mike to the RMS seminarians. In fact, given what we have seen from Harold, this even smells like him. What a shame for a new priest, er I mean presbyter. But we can't blame Harold. He is an obedient slave to the Archbishop who continues to wage his campaign of lies against the priests who stand in his (neocatechumenal) way, which obviously now includes Fr. Mike.  


  1. Just be careful Tim, you have someone playing both sides just to cause more problems. He is a very unstable person and is known to ruffle feathers. I say this out of charity because if you are not aware, we all want to move forward and attacking Fr. Mike is not going to do anything.
    You are able to see the IP address of that commenter and if you research it further, you will see that HE uses his name on other comments.
    Hint: He used to walk in a community as part of his formation process but quit both soon after.
    Seminarians do not have access to internet and priests would reveal their IP's if they comment from their phones or parish computers.

    1. I'm not sure how this post got dated for today. It's a couple years old, and as you can see, if you read it, I am most certainly not attacking Fr. Mike, but DEFENDING him from his attackers. I will need to research when this post was created and fix the date.

    2. I found that this post was originally dated in November 2014, 3 years ago. Don't know how it got re-dated, but I have fixed it. As for the double-crosser, yes there a couple of them, and one of them is a she.

    3. Be up front with double crossers, Tim. You’ve invested so much.

    4. Thank you. I am prepared for whatever comes. I entered this war with a clean conscience and I still have one. Everything that I have posted is true. I understand the price for standing up. I was willing to pay it and I still am.