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For those of you who want to make sense of this information.
From what we know Brouillard was born in 1921.

From this newspaper article, we know that he went to Study at the Nazareth Hall.
The Nazareth Hall was a preparatory Seminary located in Arden Hills, a suburb of St Paul. It operated from 1923 until 1973.
As such it operated a 4 years High School program, as well as a 2 years preparatory college.
In 1968 when the Actual College of St John Vianney opened as part of the St Thomas Catholic University, the preparatory college was merged with St John Vianney.
Nazareth Hall continued as an High School until 1973, when it closed and was sold by the Archdiocese.
All records were moved to the St Paul Seminary School of divinity, until 1991, when all records for the 3 establishments were moved to the Archives of the University of St Thomas, which is the agent of record.
All records are restricted, and you need a special authorization if you wish to consult them.
I contacted my former parish priest, now a retired Msgr, who spent his whole career in the Archdiocese (more than 50 years) 
According to him, Brouillard finished the preparatory seminary (6 years) then started the seminary in St Paul, but was drafted after Pearl harbor. 
He would have been 21 or 22 years old at the time.
From what we have gathered, he served in the Navy in the Pacific, towards the end of the conflict 44/45. 
I have not been able to verify the later.
He returned after his service to study at the seminary, but was not able to rejoin the St Paul seminary.
This is most likely why he ended up in Denver.
As far as why Baumgartner recruited Brouillard in 1948, we need to remember that in 1945, there was only one Chamorro priest left for the whole island. All the non Chamorros brothers and priests were still held in Japan, as prisoners. There were no nuns on the island.
Baumgartner went on his well known mission of rebuilding schools and starting the minor seminary. He also recruited extensively all over the USA, for priest willing to come and help rebuild.
He also was in charge of a large territory, Guam being just part of his Vicariate.
While this does not excuse anybody, it unable us to understand a little better the environment at the time.


  1. Hi Frenchie. I couldn't find evidence that Louis Brouillard spent any time in the military. His father, Raymond (b 1896) did. He was drafted into WWI. Both of Lous Brouillard's parents are buried in a veteran's cemetery.

    1. I found his WWII draft registration card.

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